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This whitepaper is an assessment of the current franchise landscape and explores the current franchise scenario in India. Francorp has made a humble effort to forecast the developments expected in the franchising industry in India both at a national and regional level. This whitepaper also attempts to highlight the challenges faced by the industry and provide tools to equip potential and existing franchise players to brace the same. The purpose of this paper is to provide thought leadership to all stakeholders within the franchise fraternity.

Being one of Asia's largest franchise consulting company, Francorp collaborate all their research done throughout the year in a single document to help out readers get a detailed perspective of the Indian market. They assess and analyze the franchising ecosystem in India. It is done to present readers a view of the Indian franchising scenario from local as well as global perspective.

The first section of the document talks about how organizations in different countries view the Indian market. It also covers the congeniality of investing and operating in India for a global player. In the document, Francorp enumerate the global brands that entered in the Indian market in the last year. There are various modes to enter into the Indian market by global brands, namely - Joint Venture (JV) with Indian company, through licensing, master franchisee, solely on their own.

In the second and third section, Francorp have presented a holistic view of India by segregating the country into five different regions - North, West, South, East and Central. We have also given an insight on the potential of all major cities in these regions from business point of view. They have detailed about the major markets, malls and shopping complexes in these cities, their footfall, rentals, upcoming local brands and challenges faced by them.

The fourth section presents the interviews of industry veterans who have achieved exceptionally high growth in their businesses through franchising. The interviews give an insight on stories of Founders/Directors/'C' level Executives in expanding their businesses, challenges faced by them and methodologies adopted to overcome those challenges. They also shared their thoughts on future of franchising ecosystem and described the growth avenues of their respective industries.

The last section concludes about upcoming brands and new concepts in franchising. It also discusses about integration of e-commerce with franchising business and vice versa it also includes changing dynamics of franchising - franchisor and franchisee psyche. Francorp have also touched upon best industry practices in franchising and how legal documents safeguard the interests of both the parties.

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