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Finance Cracked

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Finance is the science behind running a successful business. The real boss of an entrepreneur is the 'logic of finance'. Entrepreneurs need to learn the basic concepts of financial analysis, know the core decisions that have to be taken from a financial perspective, and recognise that finance is the ultimate enabler of a business.

Finance Cracked! has been designed to deliver a finance mindset to the reader. It has three parts that map the three principal aspects of a finance mindset.

After the introductory part on Finance Fundamentals, the book focuses on Finance as an Analytical Tool. The logic behind the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement is explained and the way in which entrepreneurs can use the information provided in these three statements to diagnose the financial health of an enterprise. To have a sharper view of specific aspects of the enterprise Key Financial Ratios are also explored.

The next part of the book deals with How to Manage the Three Core Finance Functions. The core financial function in planning operations is to determine and fix product cost and pricing. Managing Cost and Planning Profit is an integral part of product development and launch.

The other crucial finance input in operations is to ensure that the smooth flow of day-to-day operations is not hampered by lack of funds. The function of Working Capital Management and Arranging Short Term Finance is explained in a simple but insightful manner.

The chapter on Managing Capital Budgeting Decisions and Arranging Long Term Finance spells out the need to not only understand how much funds we need but to also determine how much we can afford to raise.

The final part of the book is on Finance Enablers and has a chapter on Financial Markets and Instruments. This chapter tells us as to where and how we can source our funding requirements and park surplus funds.

Shorn of complex detail, Finance Cracked! works on the realm of insight and perspective.

  • Contents:
    Acknowledgements V
    Preface VII
  • Part 1
    Finance Fundamentals

    Chapter 1 : Finance The logic of business enterprise (3)
    Chapter 2 : Three key financial concepts and some terms (11)
  • Part 2
    Finance as an Analytical Tool

    Chapter 3 : The Balance Sheet Keeping an Even Keel (25)
    Chapter 4 : The Income Statement How Much Do We Earn? (47)
    Chapter 5 : The Cash Flow Statement The Circulation of Value (61)
    Chapter 6 : Key Financial Ratios Diagnostic Tools (73)
  • Part 3
    How to Manage The 3 Core Finance Functions

    Chapter 7 : Managing Cost Planning Profit (95)
    Chapter 8 : Working Capital Management Arranging Short Term Finance (107)
    Chapter 9 : Managing Capital Budgeting Decisions Arranging Long Term Finance (119)
  • Part 4
    Finance Enablers

    Chapter 10 : Financial Markets and Instruments Acquiring and Parking Funds (137)

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