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Fitness Industry 2017-03-21

How are Boutique Gyms gaining popularity in the fitness ecosystem

Boutique fitness is a new trend in the wellness industry. Small gyms are mushrooming at a rapid rate to cater to individual fitness needs of the consumers.

By Tanvi JetlyFeature Writer

Boutique fitness is a new trend in the wellness industry. Small gyms are mushrooming at a rapid rate to cater to individual fitness needs of the consumers.

Boutique gyms are the latest fitness trend which has become a favourite amid the wellness enthusiasts. Boutique fitness studio or boutique gyms are basically small gyms which focus on one or two exercises and specialise in the same. They are no more than 800-3500 square feet long and have limited areas in the fitness category to cover up.

Growing Market Size
Ever since the concept has come into existence, it has seen success. According to research from IHRSA, the participation in boutiques had doubled in one year from 21% in 2013 to 42% in 2014. Fitness focused gym investment firm, Piper Joffray has stated that new studios have been popping up at a rate of 450% per year since 2010 which is quite good for the growth of start ups in this business.

Reason for Preference by Consumers
Consumers have been preferring boutique gyms over regular gyms. The reason for this is the quality and experience they gain from this new industry. Boutique gym sessions are intimate, trendy, fun and intense. They are the perfect blend of all these qualities and this is what satisfies the fitness hunger of the consumers. People are willing to pay more in order to get the exclusive treatment of boutique gyms.

Something New to Look Forward to
The trending boutique fitness studios not only provide exclusive sessions, but also provide additional advantages. Some boutiques provide knowledgeable trainers or instructors to guide you in the specialisation of that boutique. While some may let celebrity trainers attract more craze, others will provide nutritionists who can help you deal with your diet successfully. All these extra benefits increase the profit rate and also give a large scope for the brand to expand its wings.

Some boutique gyms also change their exercise schedule every two weeks to provide something different to their consumers after some time. New York fitness studio AKT In Motion follows this plan so that enthusiasts do not lose their enthusiasm after some time.

In India, I Think Fitness, Mumbai, has been doing really good in the boutique fitness industry and climbing the success charts with ease because of the growing interest of people in this wellness and fitness industry.

Boutique fitness studios have proved to be the most preferred ones over the- everyday-gyms, as people are getting something different and they are getting adequate space to experiment. They are providing profits and are proving to be successful for the brands, which are making their way into this industry after proving their worth in the regular gym industry. Since the concept is new, boutique gyms are popping up at every corner and are gaining on followers because of the quality workout schedule they provide.

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