Awards Categories

Individual Awards

The Awards will recognize the brilliant work done by Individual Entrepreneurs who have impacted Indian entrepreneurship through exemplary activities and their leadership of their startup companies.

  • Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Vivacious young business leader demonstrating high growth in minimum age.
  • Founder Of The Year Visionary entrepreneur who took the business from zero to one and one to 100 with least capital raised and minimum time
  • Startup Of The Year The business that came of age with phenomenal growth
  • Woman Entrepreneur The woman in business who broke the male boardroom glass ceiling
  • Innovator Of The Year The IP led business leader with the potential for market disruption
  • Resilent Entrepreneur Of The Year The never-give-up entrepreneur who thrived in adversity
  • Global Entrepreneur Of The Year For whom the world is his/her market
  • Startup Leader Of The Year The creator of a new market that didn't exist before
  • Creative Entrepreneur The absolute value creator out of sheer creativity
  • Social Entrepreneur Of The Year Finding real solutions to India's toughest social problems

Startup Awards

The Startups will be recognized across sectors for their outstanding contribution to changing the country for the better while building a veritable Business.

  • Best Social Impact Startup Penetrating deeply for impacting the most disadvantaged or underprivileged section of society
  • Best Smart City Solution Startup An idea or solution for resounding change in the fundamental ways of how cities function
  • Best Workforce Enablment Startup Helping solve India's rising skill mismatch through skill development and job placements
  • Best bio-science and bio-technology startup Developing breakthrough products to make healthcare affordable, faster accessible and easy disease diagnosis and quicker recovery
  • Best Food Tech Startup Delivering more than just food
  • Best healthcare startup Solving India's last mile healthcare challenge
  • Best Consumer Internet The high growth profitable digital platform across categories for consumers with minimum capital raised
  • Best Edtech Startup Of The Year Measuring growth in terms of students, courses, engagement time, revenue
  • Best AI Startup Using machine intelligence for fast forwarding growth in the least time
  • Best Deep-Tech Startup The most disruptive engineering innovation powered by virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, robotics in terms of its scale of growth and future impact potential
  • Logisitics Startup Of The Year Measuring optimization of existing resources for small business efficiency through automation softwares, last mile deliveries, vehicle tracking, warehouse and supply chain management
  • Cleantech Startup Of The Year Measuring sustainability of use of resources to improve sanitation services
  • Real Estate Startup Of The Year Measuring growth in construction material, property management, brokerage, rental management, buying and selling, site operations etc.
  • Best Tech Aggregator Of The Year It's the Uber for anything that saw rapid scale
  • Enegry Startup of the Year Generating, managing, saving, optimizing, dispersing energy through unique ways at lower cost with higher impact
  • Retail Startup Of The Year Start-ups growing across niche retail categories for market and product differentiation
  • B2B Startup Of The Year Young b2b businesses offering products and services with highest client acquisitions
  • Bootstrapped Business Of The Year biggest bootstrapped business in terms of revenue
  • Top Community Builder Startup Of The Year Driving growth through community development and engagement with a social network effect
  • Innovative Concept of the Year The latest out-of-college/lab experiment that has the potential to become the next biggest fad
  • Product Business of the Year
    • Wellness Product Unique and best selling product in its category or having fastest user adoption
    • Food/FMCG Product The mass selling fmcg product with least time to market
    • Consumer Durable The new best seller in consumer durable goods with highest sales

Startup Ecosystem

The Awards will recognize the Ecosystem that has empowered the Startup Industry to become main stream and helped it to grow.

  • Best Co-Working space India's top co-working business by number and quality of co-workers not space
  • Best Mentor The go-to mentor for businesses across b-schools, incubators and networking platforms
  • Best Angel Investor The angel with highest number of deal volume or diversity in portfolio
  • Best Incubation Centre The incubator with highest number of successful graduates along with number of jobs and IP generated
  • Best Accelerator Programme The accelerator with highest number and quality of companies apart from technology offered and growth achieved after the programme
  • Best PE /VC Fund The fund with maximum successful exits
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