Conference Agenda

29th Aug 2020
10:10AM-11:30AM The Current State & Strategic Future of Franchising - Vision 2020 How to get from here to there
  • The State of Franchising: Where we are and Where we should be
  • Franchisors and Franchisees -The changing patterns of ownership
  • Addressing Sustainability & Complexity in growing a Franchise Organization
  • Government and Franchising :
11:45AM - 12:45PM Session 1
Building a Great Franchise Performance Company

Are you realizing the Full Potential of Your Franchise: A Blueprint for Big Growth
Brand growth comes through quality franchisees executing the vision. Therefore, Franchise Development is about much more then closing a deal, infact it is just the beginning. What you need to do to help position new franchisees and drive maximum sales and profits. How do you have a well-orchestrated process to ensure a smooth start for your franchisee?

  • Partner selection - lessons learned.
  • Strategic Market Planning for Optimum Penetration & Growth
  • Milestone & Mindsets: How to Overcome Growing Pains and Take Your Franchise expansion to the Next Level
 by identifying and recruiting coachable franchisees
  • Planning For Multi-Unit System Growth: Getting on Board High Performance Multi-Unit Franchisee Organizations
  • Balancing growth and profitability with the quality of the franchise system.
  • Getting Your Front Line to Care About Your Bottom Line: Why Human Productivity & winning teams create best franchise organizations.
12.45PM - 13:30PM Session 2
Capital Market Trends & Business Valuations In Franchising

Globally Private equity groups love franchising. The business model enables brands to grow fast because the onus of financing new units is placed on smaller companies (franchisees). Because franchisees are funding their new units either through debt or their own cash, franchisors have low capital requirements and thus are generally more profitable.

  • How Investors value Intellectual Property
  • Using private equity vs. conventional financing to achieve 
growth, unit-by-unit or by acquisition.
  • Initial public offerings of franchisors & Franchisees
  • Private equity funding of franchisors
  • Private placements for franchisors and franchisees
  • Crowd funding for franchisees
  • Using private equity as an exit strategy.
13:30PM - 14:30PM Networking Lunch
14:30PM - 15:30PM Session 3
Balancing the Interest of Franchisors, Franchisees and the System as a Whole

How to Create the Right Culture… the Core of the Franchise Relationship

Driving unit-level economics from the Top and franchisee performance is much easier said than done. In this session, we’ll explore the psychology of working with your franchise partners post sign-up and a tactical approach to help franchisees run more profitable businesses.

  • What can you do to ensure your new franchisees are successful? How to transfer and maintain the support from headquarters
  • The different stages of a franchisee’s life and the different types of support needed during each stage
  • The role of the franchisor and franchisee in developing and managing the continuum of change
  • Create a culture of communication in your franchise system.
15:30PM - 16:15PM Session 4
A Legal Outlook on Franchising

This session will address the legal issues involved in protecting franchise systems, including franchisors, franchisees interests.

  • The importance of understanding the interests, values and needs of the parties behind franchise disputes
  • The New Generation of IP Challenges emanating from the Digital Media
  • The top Considerations for Franchisors and Franchise Systems Going Public
  • Dealing with Renewal of Franchise Relationships
16:15PM - 16:30PM Networking TEA
16:30PM - 17:30PM Session 5
Operations 2.0

The adage "Development courts the franchisee but Operations marries them" is true.
  • What franchise companies must streamline in-house for Fast Track Brand growth- Insights on Franchisor operating systems, products and 
services that benefit franchisees.
  • Lessons in Learning: Why An Operational Challenge of a franchisee could take actually be a training Issue
  • How to Select and Negotiate Real Estate Sites & Plan Exit Strategies in down locations
  • Franchisee Performance Benchmarking & Projecting Y-o-Y Franchise Growth
17:30PM Awards
18:30PM Vote of Thanks
18:40PM Networking Cocktails & Dinner

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Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre,