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Wellness blog 2016-05-18

3 ways small salon brands can leverage on social media to expand their client base

Often, nearby small salon brands offer way better services at moderate prices than big brands. However, due to limited awareness, these brands lack adequate promotions. Here is how small salons can woo maximum clients.

3 ways small salon brands can leverage on social media to expand their client base

Four out of every five small salon brands suffer due to lack of promotions and limited footfall. Now, with the easiest available option of ‘Social Media Promotions’ to help you expand your client base and build new clientele, why not leverage on it.

Social media is not limited to large companies with a wealth of resources. In fact, small salon brands need it way more than industry biggies.

Thus, here is some sure tips for small salon brands to woo larger consumer base and seal them as your forever clients.

1. Level the playing field

With growing competition, the pressure to build and position a brand in a unique way is essential. Surely, brands like BBLUNT can spend millions to promote themselves on national TV campaigns. However, smaller brands can equally level the playing field on social media platforms. Organic social media is authentic and free. Surely, there is option available to boost ads on social media through which bigger brands may have a wider audience. However, if you create compelling content and engage your audience well with lucrative yet attractive deals, offers and services, surely you may cultivate loyal brand ambassadors and stand out in the noise.

2. Set A Monthly Goal

Setting a monthly goal will help your team focus on what it needs to accomplish. For small salons, building strong brand presence online would be extremely essential. This may starts with consistent and reliable posts on leading social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. For instance, build a system of posting twice a day in morning and evening and stick to the same schedule for continuous weeks. May post blogs, DIY tips, photos, inspirational quotes or discount packages that may deem most relevant to your audience. Staying true to that schedule for one month without making any changes will allow you to analyze your performance after four weeks. This may help you analyse what is working and what you need to swap out. Do not be afraid of going bold in first month of your practice as trial and error give you better way forward.

3. Stay relevant

Small businesses can easily get stuck in a certain niche and never expand. While it is important to be an expert of your field, one should equally keep an eye on the nearby competing brands. Taking the time to research other small salon brands in your nearby area to see what they are doing on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages will help get a better insight of their strategies. Monitoring how many fans and interactions your competition has will assist you in cultivating your goals. Also, posting relevant news to your industry will help in keep in the mainstream and establish yourself as more of an authority.

Small salons have a big opportunity to use social media in a very intimate way to connect with their fans. Using media and exchanging dialogue can bring a familial feel to the business. Fans appreciate when brands appreciate them. Here is your chance to create brand ambassadors that will sing your praise.

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