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Education Blog 2018-06-04

How Helping Kids With Negative Emotions Is A Necessary Task In Classrooms

Teachers should explain children about various emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, worry etc, understanding the various levels of the intensity each emotion carries.

By Features Writer
How Helping Kids With Negative Emotions Is A Necessary Task In Classrooms

Professionals working in classrooms have to juggle a huge range of tasks, from managing behaviors to meeting curriculum goals and parental expectations. It is very common that sometimes dealing with negative emotions or mental health issues, students are drawn into depression.

It is the duty of the school as well as parents to help students to let their emotions out in ways rather than bottling them up, is an extremely important part of their growing up.

The majority of the students with emotional problems are easily detected in the classrooms. Teachers should come up with various ways and strategies in order to help these young kids.

Below mentioned are few ways which can make big difference in the well being of the children:

Give Voice to Emotions

Good emotional literacy has the tendency to perform better at schools while coping with the strong emotions. Teachers should explain children about various emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, worry etc, and make them understand the intensity of each emotion and how to release them.

With the proper knowledge and guidance, children can soon identify emotions in self or others. Proper knowledge can guide the students to take proper steps while coping with negative emotions.

Acknowledging and Empathizing Emotions

It is important to acknowledge the emotions and express empathy rather than ignoring or moving straight into problem-solving process. Acknowledgment and empathy are short sentences naming the possible emotions. In fact, the process of problem-solving becomes easier and fairly quick when acknowledgment and empathy occurs.

As a result, the child realizes that emotions are not dangerous when he/she witnesses expressing them with ease.

Introduction of ‘Communication’

It is essential to have adults with whom children can talk about their worries, frustration, and struggles in life. Teachers can help children in identifying people whom they can share their struggles and emotions with.

Teachers can generate an idea among these kids to understand the right person with whom they can have a certain communication. It is also a good idea for children to write down exactly what they would say to initiate a conversation.

Rewarding Calm Behavior

Applauding the kids' behavior along with appreciation and motivational words help in getting rid of the negative emotions. Such things keep the aura positive and friendly.

Teachers who focus on developing student’s strengths are more successful than those who focus on fixing flaws. By not giving up on youth, proactive teachers help sustain the belief of a brighter future which is a requirement in the current time.

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