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Imparting 3D education via franchising

Tags: Guruprasad TN, CEO, GIMS, Geo Information and Modeling, 3D education, franchising, franchise units

BY Neha Gohil | May 25, 2012 | comments ( 1 ) |

Imparting 3D education via franchising

Guruprasad TN, CEO, GIMS

Aiming to set up Resource Centres all over India is Geo Information and Modeling Solution (GIMS). The company has also initiated to introduce 3D education in schools through Learning Resource Centre. In a conversation with Guruprasad TN, CEO, GIMS shares the expansion plans.

Neha Gohil (NG): How did you conceptualise this business idea? What are the major growth drivers?

Guruprasad TN: Geo Information was a rare commodity until Google released earth. Then we felt Geo applications can be developed using Google Earth and started our R&D during 2008-09. The four years of R&D lead to the development of GRM a new solution. As a result Google signed as Authorised Training Partner and this fuelled major growth.

Major growth driver is 3D education becoming necessary in schools. There is no company providing these services in a structured way for the schools. GIMS is bridging the gap.

NG: What is the USP of your brand?

GTN: Production based training with certification from world leader.

NG: Who are your target customers? What all courses do you offer?

GTN: Schools and colleges. We offer 3D technology to school students. We have developed content to implement 3D technology in schools. This can be a part of school curriculum.

G: What made you venture into franchising? What kind of business opportunity do you offer to the franchisees?

GTN: We have plans to introduce 3D education in about 5,000 schools in next five years. There is a huge market. To accomplish the mission we are looking for partners. This is a long term opportunity to work with schools and colleges.

NG: What are the major challenges that franchisee faces while operating a franchise of your brand? What solutions do you offer?

GTN: Major challenge is to break the ice with the schools. 3D is a very essential technology for school students. Whenever new things are introduced resistance is high. We feel this is a major challenge. To overcome this we have made marketing as joint effort. We will also help franchisees in marketing and implementation.

NG: To maintain standardisation, what kind of training and support do you provide to a franchisee?

GTN: We have standardised the process by developing a content, training methodology and content. The same thing will be delivered across country. The company will deliver the content.

NG: Tell us about your brand’s presence. How many of your institutes are franchised or company-owned?

GTN: We are successfully running a similar training set up since nine years. In last six months we have more than 15 franchise units established.

NG: What are your company’s expansion plans? Which cities are you targeting?

GTN: We are targeting all A B C cities as a whole. We are planning to have franchisees in all district centres.

NG: What is the area and investment requirement to acquire a GIMS franchise?

GTN: GIMS can be operated from home or present office. The investment required is around Rs 1.5 lakh.

NG: What are your expectations from franchisees in terms of educational and professional background?

GTN: We are looking for graduates who want to take up their own business. People good in communication is brand’s first preference.

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