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Working wonders on Senses of Men through Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the best way to go stress-free and let the senses feel the magic done by fragrances.

Working wonders on Senses of Men through Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient art of healing through essential oils. We use different plant oils to get the desired result without the side effects of modern medicine. Aromatherapy treatment is much more than just applying essential oils through massage. The market for aromatherapy is huge and the section for consumables is the largest in it. It had accounted fo5r more than 80% share in the market in 2015 and is likely to touch $ 4000 million by the end of 2026. Aromatherapy uses a holistic approach. It aims at treating the mind body and soul rather than just the symptoms of an ailment. This approach is very desirable when it comes to treating men. Most of the male health issues can be contributed to the lifestyle issues. A complete aromatherapy session includes taking the inputs from the client about his medical history, the lifestyle he leads and understanding the client's mind. After which a potion blended with selected essential oils is given and a suitable lifestyle change, diet and exercise are recommended. This approach not only addresses the disease but also its cause. It does not suppress the symptoms but treats its underlying reason. It does not overrule the need for modern medicine but can supplement it as a very effective complementary therapy.

Ailments and their treatments:
Detoxification: In today's sedentary lifestyle detoxification is very essential. A dry skin brushing helps to eliminate the trapped toxins through the lymphatic system. For this, a soft hand towel or a loofa can be used. A few drops of thyme oil and eucalyptus oil can be sprinkled to this and a dry skin brushing can be done starting from the feet and go upwards. This should be done using long sweeping movements towards the direction of the heart.

Acne: This problem often starts during puberty as a result of hormonal activity stimulating the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum. Along with this faulty nutrition and junk food accompanied with excessive alcohol, tea, coffee and smoking aggravate the situation. This condition can be handled well if we consciously cut down our intake of these to the minimum. Have plenty of bottled water and green tea such as chamomile and lemon to keep the body well hydrated.Taking a daily dose of multivitamin and mineral supplement containing zinc and vitamin A is also recommended.

After a proper analysis of the complete situation, a blend of carefully chosen essential oils in aloe vera gel along with proper diet and exercise routine can help cure the Acne problem to a great extent. For daily cleansing, a mild soap free cleanser should be used. Acne is a result of sebum clogging the pores and follicles hence a facial steam along with a deep cleansing face pack is a must. This treatment can be carried out at least twice a week and then as the acne reduces, it should be tapered down to once a week. Washing the face with a mix of cider vinegar and water also helps in maintaining the proper pH of the skin which in turn helps in soothing the skin and keeping it spot and acne free.

Stress: Stress, be it physical or mental, is the root cause of many ailments today. Most of the lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, various skin ailments and digestive problems, etc. are a manifestation of stressed minds in different parts of the body. A healthy mind can be achieved through proper nutrition, adequate exercise, fresh air, sunlight, proper sleeping patterns, relaxation and proper recreation. Imbalance in any of these will result in a stressed mind and a weakened immune system. Aromatherapy can prove to be one of the finest treatments when it comes to mind-body balancing. It aids beautifully in reducing the stress and uplifting the mood. In adjunction to this, a regular full body aromatherapy massage with a blend of essential oils like lavender, geranium and chamomile can be given to de-stress the mind and relax the stressed muscles. At the time of massage, the oils like lemongrass and eucalyptus can be diffused in the air to clear the mind and help in uplifting the mood.

Aromatherapy is an effective way to deal with stress. It soothes all the senses of the body and has been proved really beneficial for many other treatments. Aromatherapy works wonders for men as it does for everyone. We, human beings, require different mediums to de-stress and aromatherapy is the most liked one.

This article has been authored by Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, Founder, Wikka- Potions for Aromatherapy

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