Why Healthcare Franchises Are Introducing Pre-Marital Check-Up Packages

Couples are increasingly realizing the importance of detecting health problems before they become too complex

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Why Healthcare Franchises Are Introducing Pre-Marital Check-Up Packages

Wedding Industry accounts for a billion dollar industry. Wedding preparations involve venue, hair, makeup, clothing, catering etc. But, one of the most essential things which are often overlooked is health.

Well, gone are the days when only the horoscope is checked for a marriage, nowadays, couples go for pre-marital checkups. This is one of the most emerging trends in the wedding industry because the wedding lasts only for a day but marriage is for forever. Thus, it is essential to know each other’s medical background. According to the hospitals, couples are increasingly realising the importance of detecting health problems before they become too complex.

Premarital check-ups differ from regular health checkups, as they primarily focus on the health of individuals and counsel couples on family health matters before their marriage. These tests basically determine any infectious disease, particularly sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), fertility problems and any other abnormalities which may affect their future children.

Realising the increasing demand for these check-ups, hospital franchises are introducing pre-marital packages for couples. Here are the following reasons which are surging the demand of these checkups.

Increased Awareness

One of the major reasons for the increase in these tests is the rising awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, family planning etc.  There are more than 100 divorce cases filed every month, a bulk on health issues such as impotency. And most of the time, especially in rural areas, women are generally blamed for infertility. To prevent this mishap in future, couples prefer to undergo these tests such as sperm count for men and fertility test for women, to get a fair idea of each other’s health.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

It is widely advised to get an STD test before family planning. Sexually Transmitted diseases include syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B etc. Couples nowadays make sure to test these before tying the knot, so they can be well aware of what they will be dealing with and can take decisions accordingly, like vaccines etc.

Blood Group

Apart from STD and fertility, another factor which might affect a couple from conceiving is the blood group & RH factor.  Knowledge of the partner’s blood group, through premarital tests, will alert the doctor to establish preventive measures which are used to prevent rhesus incompatibility reactions during pregnancy.

Genetic Transmitted Diseases

Marriage is a deep-rooted responsibility with the two partners taking care of each other. Learning about your partner’s hereditary or chronic disorders will help in taking care of them more profusely, for e.g. if your partner has cholesterol, you will be able to make sure that his diet is in accordance.

Also, it gives the idea of conceivable hereditary traits/ diseases such as Thalassemia, Diabetes, and Kidney Disease etc which might affect your child in future. SO that you can take preventive measure or look for restorative care before the medicinal conditions get to its terminal stage.

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