Corporate wellness 2018-07-09

Why Employee Wellness Programmes Fail

The rising cost of employee health-care in India is crippling employers.

By Features Writer
Why Employee Wellness Programmes Fail

Despite trying numerous methods for improving the wellness of employees at the workplace, many companies are experiencing a repeated failure in achieving the prime goal. It is easier to draft it on paper, but reducing the health-care cost is much more difficult to act upon.

Workplace wellness programs are creating little impact on a participant’s weight loss, with no impact on cholesterol count, states a recent study. In fact, these programs are expected to increase the cost by more doctor visits.

Mentioned below are few possible reasons which might lead to an Employee Wellness Program failure:

Employees don’t engage

Unlike the famous quote “If you build it, they will come”, simply building a wellness program doesn’t mean that employees will embrace it. A proper Wellness Communication Program should be established, explaining the benefits to the employees. Most of the time people are aware of the program, but not about its benefits.

Lack of activities

Organizations should aim towards providing a healthy lifestyle to its employees by engaging them in various activities. A multi-faceted program could be a solution. Employees should be provided with a range of tools, meeting their personal health goals. Challenges and activities could be one component, but health information, seminars, stress reduction, smoking cessation, and health risk assessments are other important factors as well.

Lack of wellness incentives

Introduction of wellness incentives can act as a powerful tool, bolstering an employee’s engagement. It can contribute to their existentialism, acknowledging the necessity of having such programs around them. Companies should provide incentives, making proper criteria which do not lead to discrimination.

Differences in work population

Many freshers in the company appreciate group activities, rather than people who are private. Some people require guidance from coaches, mentors, and peers. A company has a diverse population, who should be kept in mind before initiating a wellness program. Having variation in tools and activities, preferring your work population, can ensure success for a wellness program.   

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