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We believe that Capputeino will be a game-changer in the market: Sanjay Tiwari

In conversation with Sanjay Tiwari, Founder and Director, Brio, who talks about how their product will stand out in the ongoing competitive market.

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We believe that Capputeino will be a game-changer in the market: Sanjay Tiwari

Brio, a sub brand of Wellness QED and provider of wellness and dietary supplements recently announced the launch of their latest and one of a kind product named ‘Capputeino’. In an interview with wellness India, Sanjay Tiwari, Founder and Director of Brio spoke about the product launch and all that it offers in contrast to other protein shakes in the market.

What wellness trends have you been witnessing?
The wellness industry in India is highly fragmented compared to the international market. Over 70% of the Indian wellness market is under-penetrated and in the unorganized domain. Nonetheless, according to a report conducted by FICCI and EY, the wellness industry is expected to reach a size of RS. 1.5 trillion by FY 20. We are witnessing a slow and steady shift in how people perceive wellness products. There has been an increase in consciousness amongst majority of consumers to live a healthier lifestyle which has proved to be a boon for the industry .This can be attributed to societal changes, the change in lifestyle trends and external factors like globalization.

Discuss in brief your products digital presence.
The products will be available for purchase online on all the major e-commerce portals such as FlipKart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm and our own website.

How was the idea behind Capputeino incepted?
The idea behind the inception of Capputeino is to bring into the market a protein shake that will have a rich creamy texture and the taste of rich roasted coffee. This is because there is a negative connotation among consumers that the taste of protein shakes is not appealing. After years of research we wanted to bring out a product that will not only resonate with fitness enthusiasts who already consume protein shakes , but also with existing coffee drinkers .The product was envisioned to encourage consumers to lead a healthy life with no compromise on taste whatsoever.

How does it stand out from other similar diet shakes?
The USP of our product lies in the fact that we are bringing forth to the market a vanilla frappe shake which has the authentic coffee flavour along with the additional benefits of whey protein in it. Capputeino is completely safe and free from any sort of steroids. Brio stands for impeccable quality and adheres to the highest international standards which set us apart from our competitors.

What are your criteria for selecting flavours and protein constituents in the health drinks?
Right from the start of this venture our key goal was to have a coffee flavoured protein shake. After years of research and product development we are bringing forth a product with a vanilla frappe flavour. In terms of the protein constituents, we wanted to provide our consumers with the best quality of whey protein. Capputeino contains 22gm of the highest quality bio-active whey protein concentrate and whey isolate blend per serving. Also, the product has an excellent amino-acid profile which makes it easy to digest.

What price range do you offer for this product?
Capputeino will be available in two price range. Currently, consumers can purchase 1 Kg jar which is priced at RS. 3,770/-.We shall be launching a 500gm tin can soon which will be priced at RS.1,970/-.

What benefits does it have in store for the consumers?
There are many benefits which consumers can derive from this product. Capputeino is the perfect choice for consumers who are trying to become lean, sharp and fit. This product has an ideal combination of whey protein and coffee to provide maximum results. The reason why this is an ideal match is because whey protein helps to boosts one’s metabolism and builds lean muscle mass, while coffee keeps the metabolic rate high and prevents post-workout slump. This product will not only be beneficial to fitness enthusiasts, but also to the existing coffee lovers who would like to cut down on the coffee intake without actually having to quit coffee.

What potential do you see in Capputeino’s performance in the competitive market?
We believe that Capputeino will be a game-changer in the market. This is because of its unique proposition of having the perfect combination of coffee and protein which will give consumers the maximum results. Capputeino is a revolutionary product in the wellness industry; our main focus is to promote healthy living for our consumers and not giving up on taste at the same time.

What challenges did you face in the nutrition business?
The major challenge faced by the industry is that it is highly fragmented. The Indian market is yet to reach its full growth potential. The consumption of wellness products is fairly low in India as compared to other international markets. Distribution is highly challenging in such a fragmented market. To overcome these obstacles newer models such as distribution alliances, endorsements and online channels are being used to rationalise costs and enhance revenue.

What is your advice to the aspiring product developers?
My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to first and foremost have a goal and vision for themselves. Do enough research and chalk down atleast a three year road map. There is no shortcut to success. No matter how tough the journey is, commit to your goals and you shall succeed. Colin Powell eloquently surmises this by stating that “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence”.

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