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Water less Manicure and Pedicure- Evolution of Services

With the introduction of many new techniques and services in the beauty industry, an evolution in the manicure and pedicure segment is something to look forward to.

Water less Manicure and Pedicure- Evolution of Services

The beauty industry is growing and has taken up new techniques and methods which lead to beauty. The international markets have been abuzz with the changes in the services section of beauty and the latest technique for a perfect manicure and pedicure experience says all about the evolution.

What is Waterless Manicure and Pedicure?
Margaret Dabbs is a well-known entity in the beauty world for her express medical pedicure and manicure. She revolutionised the way manicures and pedicures are envisioned by curating a special medical procedure that is safe, waterless and is more effective than the conventional methods.

How does it work?
The waterless manicure and pedicure ensure the state of the art tools are sterilised three times before being used on a client and the therapists are equipped to deal with all the problems of the foot and ankle and hands including warts, corns, bunions and athlete’s foot. Hands and feet are meant to have baby soft skin. During the manicure and pedicure, with the buffing and filing, the skin is exposed to friction which isn't good and creates discomfort and wear and tear of the lower layers of skin. The equipment used when the waterless manicure and pedicure is performed is made of compressed crystals that are kinder to the skin while filing and buffing thus preventing any kind of abrasion.

Available in India now
Beauty experts are trained under Margaret Dabbs Academy in London and thus the express ritual is now introduced to several parts of India where one can pamper their toes and hands in a little TLC without having to always fly halfway across the globe to get stellar treatments. The treatments are now offered in some spaces where luxury and wellness is given prime importance.

Why it’s better than the normal one?
The treatment eliminates any microbial or fungal scares because it is waterless. Additionally, all the equipment used goes through three different sterilisation procedures. The therapists make sure that each tool is sterilised with an autoclave, before being used on a client, thereby reducing any risk of infections. They go beyond the aesthetic and attempt to fix any foot problems including athlete’s foot, callousness, corns and nail fungus. Unlike other manicures and pedicures, Margaret Dabbs method incorporates Australian emu oil to restore the moisture and serve as an emollient so you can say goodbye to cracked heels and have baby soft hands and feet.

The procedure is waterless and uses only hot, antibacterial towels in between treatments to wipe the hands and feet. After some exfoliation and dry buffing, the treatment proceeds to clean the build-up of epithelial tissue (dead skin) with a surgical blade. The whole experience is relaxing, comfortable and virtually painless. The ritual is finished with a generous slather of Australian emu oil that is rubbed onto the hands and feet and nails to keep them looking radiant, healthy and moisturised.

The special nail polishes too come in gorgeous colours and have ingredients like essential oils maintaining your nails to be healthy and prevent yellowing which most polishes with chemicals do.

With techniques like these, it becomes really fun and something fresh for the consumers to explore. The beauty industry is vast and is full of trends. With the introduction of such innovative methods for manicure and pedicure, the market is expected to see a surge in the demand for such services which will eventually lead to increase in revenues. 

This article has been authored by Jo Gaglani, owner, ReMedi Spa and Beauty Lounge. 

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