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These beauty trends might just be the difference maker

Trends in wellness industry have really been changing over the years, altering the consumer use. Let’s have a look at some new trends in the beauty industry.

By Feature Writer
These beauty trends might just be the difference maker

The world of beauty grooming offers countless options for the ladies out there. Every day, new ideas and innovations are introduced in this field to try and look gorgeous. Majority of the womenfolk is shifting towards the use of natural products rather than relying on conventional synthetic cosmetics. The unnatural effects of these cosmetics hamper skin. Eventually, no matter how much cosmetics are applied, the internal beauty eludes slowly.

The advent of information via social-networking sites and other online forums has considerably increased the awareness of the womenfolk. This is also boosting the beauty and wellness industry too. The projected score depicts that the beauty industry will grow to a whopping level of INR 80,370 crore by the end of this fiscal year. The emerging trends are redefining the industry and attracting a lot of mass in a promising way.

8 beauty trends to watch out for

Face masks
The latest entries in this aspect are taking the beauty enthusiasts by storm. The introduction of new versions of face masks with natural ingredients is being witnessed in most of the beauty and grooming brands. Even the western world is adopting the skincare regimens of Asian origin. The face masks now cost less than INR 100 yet they promise to deliver spa-like results. The formulations include Paris clay, sea minerals and other natural ingredients to provide a dry texture.

Probiotic skincare
The latest trend of treating skin breakouts with the aid of symbiotic bacteria such as bifidobacterium and lactobacillus is a wonderful surprise for the beauty enthusiasts. These probiotic skin care products are capable of reducing the pH of the skin and restore the barrier against harmful bacteria. The market will soon flood with masks, serums, cleansers, and foams in this category.

Super food
Beauty comes from within. Based on this concept, the super-food trend is introduced that will provide extra-beneficial nutrients via food. The concept includes addition of antioxidant-rich ingredients in salads, shakes, etc.

Water-based products
The formulas of the beauty products are becoming lighter and more breathable. In fact, the choice of ingredients is shifting from oil-based to water-based ones that can be easily cleaned and will not harm the integrity of the skin. No more greasy feeling with the latest ‘hydra-quench’ formulations.

Beauty gadgets
Yes! You heard it right. These are not special gadgets used by super spies. Many of the reputed brands are introducing home devices that will offer spa-like finishes, skin massages, etc. The micro-peels and cleansing tools will become more intelligent.

Natural anti-contouring
Contouring is a bygone trend now. Women now know the side effects of using heavy tones and foundations to get a slimmer look by elevating the cheek bones. The latest trend is to keep the skin healthy and supple by going natural with minimum or no makeup. In fact, the contouring palettes will be replaced by the luminizers and shimmers to bounce back light and get a glowing look.

Holistic skincare
Combo skin care products will be highlighted even more. The consumers are now looking for a multi-step product that will offer versatile effects in a single step. The budget-sensitive aspect of the market will boost the sales and affordability of this product in the upcoming years.

The most discussed trend is the introduction of activated charcoal in the skin-detox and cleansing formulations. In fact, the same ingredient is being introduced in the hair care products also.

These are the 8 latest trends in the world of beauty and grooming. The trends are catching up quick and replacing the old ones to offer a better look. 

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