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These 5 trends will take the healthcare industry by storm this year

With the current increasing pace that our healthcare industry is shaping with, soon we will witness a time when healthcare will totally get customised according to the needs of the consumer. Here are 5 trends that might become a hit this year.

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These 5 trends will take the healthcare industry by storm this year

Indian healthcare industry has undergone massive changes in the present times. Over the years, the Indian healthcare industry has been totally transformed, thanks to the advent of several innovative technologies. The Indian health market is globally worth 280 billion dollars that totals about 23% in CAGR. It has a market worth of 100 billion dollars currently.

Following are few amasses health trends in India that are to shape up the country in 2018:

Digital Health
The Co-founder of, Rekuram Varadharaj has remarked on how good the year 2018 would be for the digital health tech.  He has commented on how well the convergence of Digital and Genomic Revolutions has assisted the daily life of an individual, a society, the healthcare sector and uplifted the living situation of the public in general. He has also explained the importance of empowerment and engagement that digital health tech has provided the users with means to live their life better. Today, qualified medical practitioners are always ready to help a user in the digital platform. This trend is not to diminish in the near future.

Adopting Predictive Analytics
Experts are of the opinion that the practice of predictive analytics makes it possible to predict future trends and outcomes in any industry. It is the amalgamation of collecting pre-existing data as well as extracting the information necessary to determine the patterns of development of an industry. By securing the help of predictive analytics, Indian Healthcare industry has worked on the risk assessment and what-if scenarios that helped them prepare for the losses that would be a certain possibility of the future. The employment of scientifically-validated predictive analytics as a form of personalized commitment that enlightens and authorizes users in avoiding the chronic illnesses

Altering Healthcare with IOT
Manish Sacheti, the CFO of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd., is of the opinion that IOT would change the face of Indian healthcare in the year 2018. Technology is developing at a very fast pace today and would be considered with the advent of Big Data, wearables etc. the care for the individual has reached new heights.  IOT can be deduced as a new age reliable tool that is very effective as a part of long-term health supervising systems.

IOT offers various modes of application in healthcare. Right from smart sensors to distant monitoring and remedial device integration, every app of IOT is designed to assist in keeping the patients safe and healthy. It is also used to improve a physician’s capability to deliver their patient with utmost care. The trend is here to stay.

Personalised medical plans
The past few years have witnessed a steep rise in the expenses of the medical sector. Middle-class individuals trying to defend themselves scout for better insurance plans. This phenomenon is expected to drive up the personalized medical plan strategy which would offer the consumers an opportunity to find better plans that would suit their needs well. It would lead to the increase in the demand for the trained professionals to supervise healthcare insurances that would offer convenience and value to the consumers and their budget.

Rise of Online Health Services
The bloom of e-commerce in the past decade has opened multiple ways before the healthcare sector as the new means of revenue. This is because of the tectonic shift of the common people taking the advantage of online healthcare services because of the means of convenience it offers. Booking diagnostic tests, purchasing OTC drugs, availing nutritional treatments and medical consultations has become pretty easy in the global digital platforms like Growfit, Pharmeasy, FitGo, Docsapp, MUrgency, etc.

Growfit employees the A.I. to help customers provide nutrition advice, manage their weight, and offer diet plans, etc. Docsapp helps consumers to beat past the queues along with mind-numbing appointments by helping them connect with a doctor in less than an hour.

While, still lacking in more than one aspect of healthcare, India is slowly diminishing the gap of the disparity between their foreign counterparts. With a bunch of home grown and foreign companies investing their time, ideas as well as money, it is slowly but surely reaching the standard of global bigwigs of healthcare.

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