Fitness Industry 2017-10-31

These 5 Trends will surely rattled the Indian fitness industry this year

Today it’s all about new trends which are restructuring various industries in terms of quality and quantity. Here are some of the fitness trends which made headline this year.

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These 5 Trends will surely rattled the Indian fitness industry this year

The upcoming year is going to be very promising for the fitness industry in India. The emergence of new trends and latest innovations is surely going to redefine the platform where fitness seekers will find the perfect solution to their needs.

The techniques of physical training for fitness have changed a lot. With the involvement of personal trainers and leading experts in the particular segments, the training programs have been morphed to fit the personalized needs of the fitness buffs. The entry of new trends in the market is also keeping the stale workout sessions at bay. People are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the fitness trends and getting dedicated staying healthier and happier. The latest fitness trends of 2017 are mentioned below.

Wearable tech
For the past few years, people are really fascinated by the concept of wearable technology. The significant progress in the technology has led us to a specific platform where any smart device can be connected with another one. In fact, these devices can also keep track on the vital statistics of the user. This is surely the most popular fitness trend for this year. Brands like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, etc have contributed to this trend and come up with unique products. Wearable techs include smart watches, the most favorite among the fitness lovers. This wearable can easily track distance, monitor heart rate, track routes via enhanced GPS, and provide simple reminders to the users.

The auto-tracking part of the smart fitness wearable is very helpful for those who are watching their physique. The next-level smart fitness tools are working as an encouragement for the users and indulging them to carry on and surpass their own limits.

Customized workouts
Gone are those days when the same workout plan was used for every single fitness need. Now is the time for customized workout sessions that are designed to meet specific needs of an individual. The fitness buffs often want to look shredded like an athlete, but never thought of including the particular training methods an athlete uses. Nowadays, the training sessions are being personalized as per the need and physical factors of an individual so as to achieve a promising outcome. The need for athletic trainers is increasing in the fitness centers considerably.

Majority of fitness aficionados are also seeking good physique that is not bulky like the bodybuilders. The contemporary youth understands the difference between mass and endurance. The clarified view of the fitness seekers is also paving way for the development of customized workout plans.

Scientific assessment
This technique is used by the sports facilities to check the capabilities and limits of an athlete. This is a sophisticated approach that big fitness chains utilize so as to provide useful information to the fitness buffs. Using high-tech machines for measuring vital statistics aids in formulating the right fitness plan for an individual. The assessment of a person’s needs and metabolism clearly defines what is best for him or her.

The fitness industry is also focusing on the recovery part of the enthusiasts. Technology-driven recovery treatments are also introduced. Infrared saunas and cryotherapy are being used worldwide to alleviate post-training soreness.

Different activities
New styles such as hotpod yoga, heavy parkouring, etc are being introduced. Hotpod Yoga is a unique method where the participants practice stretching inside an inflatable pod with an ambient temperature of 37 degrees.

Heavy parkouring includes activities like scaling walls, jumping rails, and other obstacle-overcoming practices. Parkouring has been recognized as a popular sport where an individual challenges his capabilities of scaling walls and overcoming hurdles without any equipment.

High-intensity interval training or commonly known as HIIT is the newly popular practice. It includes dancing following the rhythms of songs or practicing heavy workout sessions.

Another new style is catching up real quick. Boutique rowing is a new practice where a person rows with the aid of equipment inside the fitness boutique. It provides the strenuous workout session of a rowing practice inside the premises.

Other than the physical workout trends, ghee butter is recommended by the fitness experts to keep your mind and body healthy. Smart eating practices along with the new trends are changing the fitness dimension in India.

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