Wellness Industry 2017-05-31

There is more of consumer awareness and demand for well being products in the Indian market- Dr. Rekha Chaudhari

In the course of our super busy lives, wellness holds a very vital role of levelling our body, mind and soul so that we can run a little more.

By Feature Writer
There is more of consumer awareness and demand for well being products in the Indian market- Dr. Rekha Chaudhari

Wellness is connected to us in more than one way. It is not just about a perfect body but also about a healthy mind and soul. In a conversation with Dr Rekha Chaudhari, Managing Director, JCKRC Spa Destination, we find out her thoughts about the current scenario of the wellness industry and meaning wellness holds for her.

What are your views about the Beauty and Wellness industry in context to the Indian market?
I happened to be dealing with a lot of high-end luxury brands and through these brands, I am well connected with 25 countries for the brand’s presentation. I am also the global wellness ambassador for India. We are 95 countries working together for the wellness awareness and social movement all over the world. I’ve been seeing a lot of changes in the wellness industry for the Indian market. World wise, there are changes happening as the industry has grown up and matured but India still is a developing country for the beauty and wellness sector. There is a change in the way consumers look at the wellness industry now. There is more of consumer awareness and changes in the way of thinking. They are demanding for the complete well-being lifestyle and this is the trend which is coming to the Indian market. Wellness at the workplace, changing from brightening to anti-ageing, men’s grooming, etc are some of the latest changes which have surfaced in the beauty industry. Personalised hygiene and well-being products will be more in demand. Another sector which is the retailing sector shows a lot of scopes to push up the beauty industry as there are many Sephora type centres opening up which is good for the cosmetics industry. So, there are so many changes happening in the industry.

How has been the penetration of the market in relation to demand for products from various sectors?
If you ask me about demand, it has been always from the consumer’s side which has been more for the brightening products. We deal in the natural products and have these high-end luxury brands. Our products line is quite safe and promising. There are many brands who have chemical based products and it surprises me to see people demanding brightening products from such brands. They do not understand the effect the chemical based products will have on their skin and without any knowledge, they are using the products. I feel that consumers should start reading the ingredients on the products. Then on the fitness side, everyone is demanding for the slimming products, supplements etc. So, being the wellness ambassador, even I talk about the wellness lifestyle any many people do come forward and ask the type of supplements they should take and kind of exercises they should do. There are also changes in the way people now plan their family vacations. Instead of choosing normal family vacation packages, they now opt more for the ones related to wellness.

According to you, how has the concept and meaning of wellness evolved over the years?
I got the title of wellness ambassador 2 years back and I am working to create awareness. If we go way back in time, Ayurveda was given to us by our forefathers. Those teachings have always taught us to lead a healthy lifestyle. The royal families had the concept of keeping wellness as a priority and this has been ignored by the current generation. Wellness basically meant to control soul, body and mind and at that time we didn’t realise but now when it is coming from International mediums, we are opting more of it. We had just forgotten many lifestyles which include using spas but now we are going back to them to connect to nature.

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