Aromatherapy 2017-08-14

The Rising Aura of the Aromatherapy Market

The magic of essential oils has always worked wonders to soothe and calm down various problems of the human body and the growing market is the witness to the increasing demand for them.

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The Rising Aura of the Aromatherapy Market

Aromatherapy has been always about essential oils and their benefits. These essential oils are not something ordinary but are like small bottles full of power and magic to control various human body sensations and reactions. The market of aromatherapy is growing at a good rate and the benefits of the various types of essential oils available to the consumers are not only to widen the range but because there are many plants, herbs, flowers etc which have medicinal properties as well as soothing fragrance to go with.

The Aroma Market
The magic of essential oils is what is causing the market to move forward at a great pace. Aromatherapy is all about essential oils and their various uses to provide certain benefits to the consumers. The global market for essential oils is expected to reach USD 11.67 Billion by 2022, according to a report by Grand View Research Inc. The market is said to be growing at a healthy CAGR of 7.7% and will be able to achieve the estimated revenue.

The Reasons for the Expanding Market
In the growth of every market, there are always the various reason which are responsible for pushing up the market. The aromatherapy market is doing well and looks like it is going to grow and expand well in the times to come. The increase in the number of patient population which has started using essential and carrier oils for massage therapies has gone up and this has impacted the market in a positive way. The therapeutic properties of essential oils like boosting the immune system, fighting cold, allergies and breathing disorders, providing sound sleep and maintain a calm and relaxed environment at home are the major reasons for the rise in the usage of the essential oils.

The Segmentation
The aromatherapy market is divided into three segments which are on the basis of product, application and region. The product segments cover various types of the essential oils such as orange, corn mint, eucalyptus, pepper mint, lemon, clove leaf, lime, spearmint and others. The application segment covers the various ways for which the essential oils are used like medical, food and beverages, spa and relaxation, cleaning and home etc. The region segments look after the biggest markets which have high demands for aromatherapy. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa are some of the parts of the world which have showcased high demands.

Key Vendors
Though the aromatherapy market has started to rise and various brands have started to show their interest for the industry by venturing into it, the market still requires a lot in order to expand itself completely. The various competitors in the global aromatherapy market are Biolandes, Sydney Essential Oils, HRF, Young Living Essential Oils, Moksha Lifestyle Products, West India Spices Inc., Essential Oils of New Zealand and many others.

Expert Speak
Aromatherapy is the science of aroma which is derived from the plant sources. So, this is something which is not new to us as this has been here since time immemorial and has now come to the modernity side. We were earlier identified with natural treatments or naturopathy. Nature’s cure is now being treated as spa services. This is the sense of smell which is most potent to the senses we possess and which directly affects our mind, body and to an extent, our soul as well. So, at all three levels, aroma works. Aromatherapy is meant to be the essence of all the treatments of wellness in the coming future, says Dr Naresh Arora, Founder, Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics.

The soothing and calming effects of aroma oils have worked wonders for many people. Be it dealing with depression, combating a common cold or just adding a serene environment to a place, essential oils have always given the best. The market for aromatherapy looks promising as consumers are turning to essential oils for their dose of treatments. The market is expected to grow and flourish as the arrival of many new brands is being witnessed and the already existing brands are doing a fairly good job. 

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