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The Evolving World of Fitness 2.0

The fitness industry has grown from a time when exercising and bodybuilding was thought to be only for people who were into wrestling to the present scenario of everyone taking fitness seriously.

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The Evolving World of Fitness 2.0

From training at the akhadas to buying gym memberships to modifying working out sessions and the coming up of the concept of ‘pay per play’, the fitness industry has definitely come a long way. Gone are the days when exercising was thought to be only for people who wanted to get into sports or bodybuilding was thought to be for those who wanted a career in wrestling. People now are more cautious and more enthusiastic about fitness than they ever were. With the changing concepts and introduction of so many new options to keep a tab on the pockets, time and the fitness goals, the evolution was very much expected.

The Evolution- from Old ways to New Techniques
Ever wondered how it would have been before the coming in of so many fitness techniques and types of equipment? Fitness now has become more of a want than a need for people. In olden times, the ways of pursuing fitness were different and so was the mentality with which people took it up. In the present scenario, the Indian fitness industry is at a challenging phase as high market fragmentation, great market potential and overall growth are providing it with the required push. The Indian fitness industry is likely to touch Rs. 1.5 trillion by 2019-20. Various new business models have come up and this has provided depth to the already existing dimensions of the fitness market. The use of wooden weights and other types of equipment in the earlier stages of the fitness industry have been replaced by types of equipment being exported and the use of them which requires a trainer to get one through. This change has brought a positive vibe in the market which has given way to potential growth and expansion.

The Expanding Number of Options
The journey has been very long. Fitness is not only about having a muscular body but also about having the adequate amount of energy to go with the day’s work. The number of options has been expanding ever since in the fitness market. New business models are making their way in the fitness business and this has provided the consumers with a lot of fitness options. Pay per play workout is a new concept which has entered the market like a breath of fresh air. Not many brands have ventured into this concept but the numbers are going to rise as the concept looks very promising and convenient. There are various other business models in the fitness industry like membership, group training, online coaching, private training, semi- private training and many others have popped up in the recent times.

Expert Speak
We have around 30 operational Bodybuilding India stores and out of those, 10 are in Delhi. Bodybuilding historically has been a sport of the middle class and the lower middle class and it has never been a sport of the upper class. So, our bread and butter audience will always remain that as the sport still remains of the lower middle class and middle class. We believe that these supplements are not only for the body builders but for everyone who wants to be a fitness enthusiast. Our target audience is from all strata for Bodybuilding India. For Gym 99, which works on the concept of pay per workout, we have 3 models- value, premium and gold, says Dr Ankush Sabharwal, CEO, BBI Fitness Services Pvt. Ltd., sharing his viewpoint on bodybuilding, supplements and Gym 99 which has a unique concept of pay per workout and provides the options to customers of modifying their experience accordingly.

Fitness nowadays is becoming more like a fashion. Every year there is a new trend. Some fade away with the time while some stands long and result in shaping the fitness Industry. These fitness trends which mark their bench becomes a game changer for the fitness industry allowing customers to choose from the multiple options that which suits the best to their workout regime. Wearable technology and fitness apps are the most opted thing among the people. The wearable technology brand keeps updating the technology and has upped their gear by evolving these wearables into accurate wearable this will result in enhancing the industry and will surely have a great impact on future of the fitness industry, says Vinod Channa, Celebrity Fitness Expert.

The fitness industry has come a long way and is growing at a healthy 16-18% rate. This can be attributed to a number of factors such as societal influences, globalization, and a growing rise of consciousness amongst the youth of India to live a healthier lifestyle. Being fit and healthy is a trend nowadays which has sky-rocketed the potential of the industry tremendously. Also, the well-toned and muscular figure of prominent celebrities displayed in the media has created a significant impact on consumers embracing a fitter lifestyle. Entrepreneurs have now realised the untapped potential of the industry. They have started to capitalise on this opportunity by developing successful fitness related products be it the form of protein supplements, diet whole foods, apparels, gadgets catering primarily to this niche segment. This can be gauged by the rampant fitness related, products, advertisements and publicity prevalent today. The future of the Indian industry is bright as fitness is now regarded as a way of life and not a luxury, says Sanjay Tiwari, The Man Behind Brio Capputeino ( A unit of Wellness QED). 

Evolutions bring new changes and beginnings. They are like the much needed up gradation that will bring betterment in the way things work. The gradual progression in the fitness industry is the result of many new trends, techniques and processes. Consumers have understood the need for fitness and a large number of options available in the industry has added to the growth of it. With many business models to venture into, it is a win-win situation for both the fitness enthusiasts and the brands in the fitness business. 

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