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The Evolution of the Wellness Industry- Trends of 2017

With the wellness industry experiencing a lot of changes, the coming years are going to be a lot more interesting and fruitful.

By Director
The Evolution of the Wellness Industry- Trends of 2017

Like in past few years, 2017 has been focused towards fitness, health and the willingness to stay in good shape. The fitness freaks continued to thrive for every bit of fitness and parallelly, the shift towards a holistic feel of well-being and good health started gaining precedence. People were beginning to realize the mistakes from the past, thus, their efforts were directed to prolong fitness not just by lifting the dumbbells or crushing the biceps; instead, they were now beginning to understand the dynamics of attaining or achieving fitness in greater depths.

It was not so much about fad diets as much as it was about eating the right things or the right way; it was not as much gaining muscles as it was about stretching the body in a rhythmic motion; it was not about sweating in an AC gym as much as it was breathing fresh in nature and taking advantage of the various fitness outlets, which give a luxurious opportunity to do. Therefore, the concept of fitness, good health and good shape was undergoing a firm transformation. This is because people now had an access to a vast number of existing resources.

The trend moved from customised options to the personalized style of fitness with even wellness resorts expanding their services to accommodate people from all walks of life, people with an owned way of fitness and still finding joy, relaxation and rejuvenation at the same place. Today, you will find a personal meaning and pleasure in yoga and at the same place, there is another individual taking respite in a weight-balance body harmony amid nature, which may or may not include yoga.Overall it meant, a better treatment to the word ‘fitness’, where the versatility and blissfulness of good health finally found a renewed, relevant meaning within the self. 

These are some useful trends for 2017.

Benefits of Functional Foods
While we all love our fast-paced life, it is natural for us to feel full of energy to be ready for the next challenge. Be prepared or take a pause, whatever you may like to address it. People did realise that to be mentally reborn- you need to find more meaning to good health. Something, which needs to be searched out of the gym or the fad diets. So, here we are. Finding time to accept wellness. Say hello to natural therapies to relax your muscles, mind, body and soul. People were now beginning to understand the demerits of skipping meals or depending too much on drugs in disguise of maintaining good health. It was time to understand your body in greater depths and detail and make a more holistic choice. Something which is sustainable too.

So, there were natural supplements like immunity-boosters, blood circulation-improvers, and so on. More than this, people started depending upon a natural diet to induce fitness through everyday food. People now know how a green leafy vegetable is a rich source of iron, or minerals, or why we need to depend on good carbs and high protein both. To maintain healthy bones and joints, there is special diet consisting of oranges, apricots, broccoli, cheese, etc. The bottom line is that people are not linking everything to calories but looking at the larger picture of these natural foods.

Time to Recover Optimally
People are beginning to seek new solutions and ways to sit fit. Going to the gym every time or even meditating at home, may soon become mundane and tiresome. Plus, an individual keeps on looking for new ways to achieve good health. It was time to say goodbye to the fret and stress for good health. It was time to pause and let nature take its own course.

Enter the world of natural therapies and unspoilt surroundings to attain good health. It is not just about physical well-being. Rather, it is about connecting to your mind, body and soul. As cliched as it may seem to hear, how many of us have really tried taking a serious break from skipping the routine and let your mind and body mend its own ways? We haven’t until recently. There are many wellness retreats which compel you to take a complete break from the routine and just be with yourself. It is your own moment with nature and everything pleasant to the mind. Doing nothing is an art and one needs to fine-tune their body and mind to adjust to the way of spending time doing nothing. Its effect is to be felt and realized, not be defined in words.

Weight Management
The time for a shift from weight loss to weight management began gaining traction. The subject was now slowly gaining deeper meaning and a sense of personal well-being. People started realizing how skipping a meal can affect their mood, even leading to some long-term mood disorders. On the contrary, having the right amount of food can be a great kickstart to a renewed way of life.

Thus, the weight loss fatigue gave way to maintain good metabolism, energising weight management schedule to following a detox diet once in a while to flush out harmful toxins from the body and giving your internal digestive system a fresh feel. There are many ways to achieve so and your personal trainer will help in achieving exactly as per the results of your VO2 max test, for example. There is TRX training, stretching sessions, yoga, spinning, dance, laughter therapy, aqua classes, and cooking classes to get closer to a natural state of being and goodness.

The Shift in Meditation
In the recent time, more and more people are turning to yoga and meditation to improve their lives and deal with common problems of stress and anxiety. Many wellness resorts and studios have cropped up to offer an all-inclusive experience- by all means.  They now offer an immersive experience which rekindles your romance with nature, food, physical rejuvenation, in short, they offer a multisensory experience. So, the concept of multi-sensory wellness centres which give you a natural high all the time you are there.  

It is a natural feeling and shift from a state of doing to the state of being. It bestows on you the power of enjoying the present moment and being in a momentary state of mind. It activates your senses and the mind and finds deeper meaning within yourself than evaluating your options for fitness.

In the End!
The year 2017 has been full of fitness excitement and action by more people. If you are not a gym-junkie or find the food a bit too irresistible, then you too, have a choice to indulge in fitness and create a balance in nature. The world of wellness and well-being is beyond the facial recognition of fitness or good health. It is about being good from inside out. The central idea is, to be honest, and sincere to your health and not cheat by indulging in temporary arrangements only. It is okay to be a fitness freak but it is good to be fitness or health conscious by knowing the way you are exactly. So, here we are at the end of 2017, where fitness, wellness and good health collaborate.

 This article has been authored by Nikhil Kapur, Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre.

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