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The Changing Scenario of Wellness Industry through Artificial Intelligence

The journey to attain success through artificial intelligence has been defined and the role played by it to lift up the wellness industry can be easily noticed.

The Changing Scenario of Wellness Industry through Artificial Intelligence

The wellness sector is huge enough and the growth it endures answers all the questions. Trends come and go but the charm of the industry remains intact. The Wellness industry has brought in a lot of changes in the lives of the consumers. Technology has helped in a lot on this journey and has listed certain paradigms which when followed properly can bring in the charisma in any business. Humankind is not playing with a full deck to master the business models. The eminent of them [models] are customer service, healthcare, data analysis, e-commerce, etc. The industries are unstoppably determined to introduce the state of the art practices that are in the best interest of the areas earmarked. But it would entail more than a human interference, especially speaking of implementing humanised technology.

Having recourse to the study of Artificial Intelligence which is assured of completely changing the face of some of the most prominent business models, the future has a lot of exciting developments to be laid down for us.

Customer service– With a number of emails and phone calls that are used to target customers, there is a consequential need for a technological, strategic move to ensure that no customer is left unattended or unsatisfied. The basis of the concerns and questions by a customer, AI enabled software, using its cognitive potential would present an apt response. A few shortcomings of humans to which computers and Artificial Intelligence are most likely to take over could be the capability to work uninterruptedly, unaffected by fatigue, time constraint, and physical potential. It will undoubtedly influence the number of satisfactory responses given to the users, making customer care model more effective.

Data Analysis– On account of the continuous unprecedented strides, Artificial Intelligence is highly thought of as a study capable of being implemented in almost “Everything.” There are tonnes of data and extracting useful information out of it is particularly an exigent task. AI enables highly interactive heuristic perspective capable of dealing with problems in an exceptionally better way than humans will. AI does the heuristic reasoning, manipulation of symbolic descriptions, contemplating hypothesis, explaining the reason of why the question is being asked, and justifying conclusions.

Healthcare - Health apps are illustrated as the eminent paradigm of Artificial Intelligence. Being the major catalyst in re dimensioning the sphere of health and fitness, the study in elevating healthcare once seemed strongly far-fetched, because it entails prodigious efforts in shaping it into reality. Gauging the past and present health and fitness attainments, the study flaunts propitious end results. Not just this, AI will unveil a lot which an individual will take years to process, and there is much which remains unprecedented as of now. Artificial Intelligence has circumvented numerous hurdles that seriously impediment the developments underway. AI exuberantly displays the promotion of wearable to trail an individual’s schedule, keeping a close eye on the three key actions sleep, nutrition, and activity.

E-commerce– If you are considering AI just associated with Robotics and fictional science, then now is the time to stretch it [your perception] a little further and imagine the possibilities. The e-commerce Industry is one of the notable fields that will benefit from Artificial Intelligence. Right from identification of potential clients to take a step forward to help the customers have an unforgettable shopping experience in a much impactful way and that is what the study[AI] aims for. The other fields where AI is thought to bring some impressive transformations are determining users or consumers who fall through the cracks and identifying the interest of the customers in a particular product by calculating the time spent on a particular category or an item.

Audit -- Forecasting trends, and mapping flawed areas–Like many other fields, AI is proving its potential, the audit and forecasting trends are showing some promising outcomes when blended with the self-learning study of AI. The Global AI market is expected to rise above 35% of CAGR in the period commencing from 2015 stretching until 2022. The paramount factor is an ever increasing number of AI-based applications and products having AI firm as a bedrock. These tools and software are capable of addressing concerns at large.

The HR and recruitment processes - Visualise a scenario where the talent acquisition is being performed by not a recruiter sitting on a PC but by a self-learning program proficient enough to search the potential candidates, screen them, and list them. All a manager has to do is feed in the clear, crisp criteria of the job posted and let the program carry out the task. AI can also lend a helping hand in HR analytics, attendance and payroll, employee relations, and learning and development. On the whole, AI has an unrealized potential in the HR and recruitment process.

The concept of artificial intelligence is all about prophetic research outcomes that positively interfere with the arena of scientific research on a wider scale aiming for promising end-results. Now is the need of a computer system that ameliorates by itself basis the experiences and previous findings. AI is the finest instance of the same.

This article has been authored by Aayushi Kishore, Co-founder and CMO, Boltt Sports Technologies

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