Role of AI in enhancing the Healthcare industry

Introduction of artificial intelligence has surely triggered an optimistic or pessimistic trend amid all industries. This article tells you how AI has impacted the healthcare sector in India.

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Role of AI in enhancing the Healthcare industry

Almost every industry is being affected, either positively or negatively, due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Automation might have reduced the prices of commodities, but it has also taken a toll on the employment percentage. The good side of implementing AI in leading sectors, such as healthcare, will impart a positive growth in all possible aspects. Healthcare is an industry where enormous growth and innovation is always necessary. The demand is continuously increasing due to the escalating population and deteriorating health conditions. Most of the patients in the rural areas go unattended due to lack of proper healthcare system. In India, it is tough to provide a proper healthcare service to the rural areas due to lack of experts and infrastructure. Using AI can revolutionize the entire field so that the pressure can be dissipated equally and medical forces can be deployed to provide apt service.

How can AI enhance healthcare?

Medical records and data management
The ideal way to tackle humongous medical records and data to support proper research and development is via medical records and data management. An AI platform is capable of managing medical records by compiling, segregating, and analyzing important medical data for a better application. The medical personnel will be able to dig and extract information very quickly to take a prompt decision. Moreover, the R&D facilities will also find consolidated information to support formulating innovations. AI programs will trace, gather, store, and format data to bind specific information for a better accessibility.

Easy to do repeat jobs
Repeat jobs such as checking an X-ray report or CT scans will become faster and easier. AI can perform faster and accurate checks. Mundane tasks will be easily handled by these artificial platforms. The doctors and other medical personnel will be able to free time for real-time services. The complicated cases will be delivered to the doctors for thorough checks whereas the simpler ones will be analyzed by using an efficient AI platform.

Designing treatment procedures
Simpler treatment procedures can be designed and prescribed to the patients depending on the information available. The complicated ones will be passed on to the doctors for a real-time diagnosis and treatment. The patients will also get a proper guidance to understand what kind of consultation they need on the preliminary stages.

Simple medical consultation
There are various kinds of apps available in the international market that allows users to get a specific consultation. The apps analyze the entered data and compare them with the medical history of the patient to provide a basic medical consultation. These apps often have a speech recognition feature that allows a user to describe their illnesses. One of the best examples we can use here is Babylon. This application is widely used in the United Kingdom.

Virtual assistance
An AI platform can also act as a virtual assistant in the healthcare platform. For an instance, a patient, who needs basic information, can be well-guided by the AI assistants in the healthcare facilities. The virtual assistant will provide a human touch while assisting and guiding a patient regarding upcoming consultations, medical tests, etc. A virtual assistance was developed in the year 2016 by Boston’s Children Hospital that can run with the aid of Amazon’s Alexa. This platform provided significant information to the parents of child patients.

Monitoring health
Using AI in various kinds of health tracking appliances will revolutionize the treatment process too. The gadgets available these days like Apple, FitBit, Garmin, etc can monitor activity levels and heart rate with precision. This consolidated information can be shared with the doctors for better evaluation of a patient’s condition. The devices can be enhanced in many ways to get more information that requires invasive techniques.

System analysis
The vast system running in the organization of a humongous healthcare brand can be easily monitored by AI. Detecting inefficiencies, workflow discrepancies, managing resources, treatment mistakes and failures will become easier. The highlighted faults will make the process better and efficient.

The world of AI will provide infinite possibilities to add in the healthcare industry. It is expected that only the healthcare domain will invest $6 billion by the end of 2021 to incorporate AI.

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