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Natural versus Chemical products: What's your choice for doing business?

In today’s dynamic market, consumers can buy any product according to their need. So what are they buying? Natural or Chemical products…

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Natural versus Chemical products: What's your choice for doing business?

Beauty and wellness products have gone through a drastic change over the years. Innovations and preferences have altered the products to gain a safer and better form. Previously, almost all products used synthetic formulations that harmed the integrity of the user’s skin. Nowadays, advanced research has shown that the natural formulations are what should be preferred over the synthetic chemical ones in order to avoid harmful side effects.

In the aspect, the aggravating environmental conditions should be considered too. In order to alleviate the skin conditions, it is better to switch to natural products. The chemical beauty products are good to use, but pose threat to the skin in the long run.

This is the era where the disposable income of every group has increased to a considerable extent. People are spending more to eat well and look better. They want to stay healthy and look lively to stay in the competition. This is the main factor that is boosting the growth of the beauty and wellness industry in India. The chemical-based formulations are cheaper than the natural ones but the long-term use is not at all permissible for the wellbeing.

Digital media is also making people aware of side effects of synthetic cosmetics. Every day, more and more individuals are shifting towards natural products so as to keep their skin healthy and threat-free. The notion of looking great via topical applications is also changing steadily. Now, the enthusiasts know that actual beauty of the skin comes from the inside. The formulations developed by the leading brands in the industry are providing unique delivery systems to make sure that the active ingredients reach the target effectively.

Due to this efficient delivery system, the synthetic formulations reach to the deepest point and give birth to skin allergies, irritations and inflammations over the years. Moreover, if the beauty products are not removed properly, it also leads to various types of eruptions on the skin. This is not true for natural products. The natural formulations do not exhaust the skin due to overuse. The natural extracts from the selected herbs are way more effective in increasing the beauty of the skin right from the core whereas synthetic products believe in outer beauty.

This difference is spreading like wildfire among the beauty enthusiasts. The natural products are entering the market and are being sold like hotcakes. Many new companies have evolved over the past few years that are catering promising products to the people. With the guarantee of no harmful side effects and 100% natural ingredients in the formulations, these products suit almost every type of skin. Moreover, the unique delivery system is also used in these products to make them more effective.

The huge acceptance rate of the skin-friendly natural products among the population offers a great business advantage in the upcoming years. The competition is not that high yet the demand is soaring. This can be used as a great advantage to opt for a franchise or start a new product line. There are many promising names in this aspect that can be selected for a promising venture.

Bon Organics is a popular brand name that was initiated in the year 1997. All products under this banner are handmade and do not use any kind of synthetic formula to cater the goodness. The company has always focused to cater great benefits of Ayurvedic herbs to the people.

Organic Mill is a prospective brand name that is moving at a fast pace and grabbing the urban markets very quickly. The promising natural beauty products are of niche quality. Despite being a new entrant, the brand has managed to attract a lot of attention from the investors.

Raw Rituals, an Ahmadabad-based brand focuses on chemical-free formulations. In fact, the formula does not even use preservatives or synthetic fragrances in the items. This brand offers natural soaps, face masks, body butter, etc that are all handmade.

The beauty and wellness market in India offers a CAGR of 17% to 20% every year. The business selling natural beauty products will play a major role to elevate the value of the industry. Tapping the potential will be a smarter way to start a business and increase ROI manifold.

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