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Mobile Spas: An amalgamation of service and convenience

New additions to the Spa industry have led it to provide the customers with something new and exotic every time.

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Mobile Spas: An amalgamation of service and convenience

Mobile spas are a concept which is very new for the Indian market. It has achieved a lot of following in the international markets. The concept of spa has always been to provide world class services which relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit of the customers. The spa industry is huge because many big names have ventured into it and new ones are setting themselves up. Wellness is associated with beauty and health. Spas provide a lot more than beauty and health. The concept of mobile spa gives its customers more than just services. It provides convenience to the customers who do not have to travel far to get their spa treatment.

The Spa Industry
The spa industry is growing and it is because of the interest of the consumers and various firms who look forward to investing in the industry. The industry has always been the one which attracts consumers since everyone loves a good day at spa. There have been innovations in the industry and many services have been modified to match to the changing needs of the consumers and the trends in the market. The spa market is speculated to reach $ 154.6 Billion by 2022 as this has been reported by the Global Spa Services Market. As for the growth in the various types of spa services available, medical spas are the ones which are expected to climb the success ladder at a rapid speed for 2016-2022. Geographically, Europe has been re4corded as the largest market for spa industry with a market share of 39.1% followed by Asia- pacific and North America, according to the findings in 2015.

In terms of where the future is, everything will have to be re- imagined from the start to finish. The location is the main point to focus on because the menu is still the same as it was years ago. The concept of spa needs to have more of an active space like the Starbucks model which involves not being only a cafe but a third place between work and home. So, the spa of the future can certainly be like in this sense. We need to have more such models as the existing ones are flat and this hampering the growth rate. We need to go back and reinvent the models from the scratch in order to serve something new, says, Trent Anthony Munday, Senior Vice President- International, Mandara Spa, Malaysia.

The Concept- Mobile Spa
The concept of the mobile spa is very innovative which focuses towards providing the best services and convenience to the consumers. It has been noticed that some people find it really tiresome to travel far just to get their dose of relaxation. Mobile spa provides the same relaxation, de-stressing and services like every other spa but at the convenience of the consumer. The factor of convenience is what adds weight to this concept since everything else is same. The concept is popular in the international markets like Malaysia etc.

In Malaysia, there is a trend of a mobile spa, particularly of postnatal services. They go from house to house providing postnatal services. It has helped to generate a lot of revenue. This is another sector in the spa industry that is catching up fast, says Norliza Othman, President, Association of Malaysian Spas, Malaysia.

The Convenience
The mobile spa provides the services at the convenience as desired by the consumers. People like being pampered and mobile spa does something like that by providing services at the doorstep. It not only provides spa services but other services like postnatal which are yet to make their way in India. Till then, the Indian market gets to experience basic spa services through mobile spas.

Spas have always been the gateway to relaxation and letting go of all the stress one accumulates by running around the clock. Many consumers like to explore new things and gather experiences which are memorable. Mobile spa has added to the choices consumers have to choose from a wide variety. Though the concept is new and it will take time for it to completely implement itself in the Indian market, the experience that the consumers are going to receive from it will be heavenly. Investing in such a business seems bright as people usually like such services which provide convenience and benefits. 

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