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Is starting a fitness studio a lucrative business idea

Owning a fitness studio can pay high dividends considering the fact that few things are to be kept in consideration.

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Is starting a fitness studio a lucrative business idea

Often fitness trainers quit their job and search for a decent place to use his or her expertise or start a fitness studio. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then probably this will be your dream too. Going to a gym is absolutely different from running a gym. It will need a lot more resources than stretchable gym attire. When everything will fall in the right place, this will be the ideal way to shape your future in this particular industry.

Indian platform for fitness centre
The current statistical research, done by the authoritative bodies in India, has revealed a whopping figure of INR 4579 Crore of evaluation of the fitness industry. This impressive number will be increasing for the next five years at the CAGR of almost 27%. The promise of a brilliant future for a fitness studio is also supported by the increase in per capita income among the urban population. The figure is going to reach INR 7000 Crore within the end of this year due to the entry of international players in the potential market.

Every now and then, this potential is being tapped by the fitness centres opened in the urban hotspots. The current platform is huge in terms of the distressed urban population who are the prey of sedentary lifestyle that lacks indulgence in physical activities. The job responsibility has also increased in parallel with the disposable income. This is why majority of people are suffering from work and family related stress. Consumption of junk food from the street junctions and international outlets are adding up with the increasing health problem. In order to aid the society to get back on feet and fight against the increasing number of lifestyle disease cases, we need more fitness centres in the urban locations. The public is becoming more and more aware of health and trying to find the means of maintaining a proper lifestyle. This is where the plan for a fitness centre will fit in.

Starting a fitness studio
You do not have to own a fitness-related degree to open a fitness centre as the blessing of franchising will be there for the rescue. Now, there is no headache to open a new business in a selected location unless you are customizing your options as per your choice. In the case of fitness studio, you will get great franchisor brands to start with.

  • Dance To Fitness (DTF)

The franchisor is a well-known chartered financial analyst who took a turn and chose this as her own business idea. Ms. Sonia Bakshi is offering great franchising options for opening a fitness studio where there will be a fusion of fitness and dance lessons. The centre will just need a space of 400 square feet and a nominal investment of INR 10 to 15 Lakh. Rest of the infrastructure will be provided by the brand to make it a full-fledged fitness studio.

  • Elite Fitness Studio

This opportunity is one of a kind. Its first centre was established in Bhopal and got a huge response from the urban society. The franchising option will offer cardio practice, fitness training, body building, yoga, equipment, expert trainers, and other infrastructure to come up with a great fitness studio. You will need a space of 1500 square feet to build a great fitness platform. The budget needed in this case will be INR 20 Lakhs approximately.

  • Impact Fitness Studio

The owner of this indigenous brand is an experienced athlete with 15 years of professional training background. He is also considered as the fastest man in the state of Karnataka; Mohamed Mustaqeem has trained more than 5000 clients so far. This franchising option will need a space of 2000 square feet to accommodate all the features. It will also need a budget of INR 50 Lakhs to INR 1 Crore for a fully performing fitness studio.

  • Jymka

It is an Irish fitness brand which has started to put its stronghold on the potential market already. If you are in the position to opt for an international brand as per your location and locality, Jymka will be a good option to go with. All you need is a space more than 2000 square feet and an investment of INR 5 Crore. This brand will incorporate fitness programs for individuals from age 6 months to 60 years.

The franchising option will be the best one if you do not have the expertise or do not want to go through the hectic regiment of recruitment, infrastructure development, staffing, etc. Once you have the location, the rest will be taken care of. 

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