Yoga Trends 2018 2018-02-20

Indulge Yourself in these Yoga Trends for a Satisfying 2018

Yoga is ever evolving and the addition of various trends in to the industry has increased the level of fun and rejuvenation factor that comes with it.

By Feature Writer
Indulge Yourself in these Yoga Trends for a Satisfying 2018

Yoga is a practice that is not only for the body but also for the mind and soul. In earlier times, yoga was thought to be a medium to bring the mind, body and soul into balance. The various trends in the yoga industry has added an element of fun to it rather than just exercising and keeping people fit. There is no change in the way yoga is done but the main change is in the trends and concept. With so many yoga trends popping up, it is highly recommendable to go through the list of the ones that are going to be the main attraction for the yoga lovers.

We’ve heard about the hot yoga, beer yoga and even the goat yoga. As weird as they might sound, the concept has been loved by people. Let’s dig into this year’s trends for the yoga industry.

Travel Yoga
This is something that feels like a boon for the people who travel a lot. Yoga needs everyday attention and dedication and travelling might be something that can hamper our daily routine. Travel yoga exists now just because of the fact that nothing should come between you and your yoga routine. Yoga on the go is the latest trend that has made its way into 2018. With the origin of so many applications and various other channels that yoga, while travelling is not a problem anymore.

Yoga Equipment that Amazes
Changing trends and not yoga equipments smell like deceit with the yoga lovers. Unlike the gym experience of having so many equipments and exercise machines around you, it’s simpler in yoga. People do want more from yoga now and that is why the equipments are also being enhanced to match the trends. Liquid balance mats and various other equipments are taking the market by storm. Though the beauty of yoga is about using less and achieving more, some enhancements and additions can make the whole experience more fruitful.

Yoga Therapy
Therapies have been the base of all the healing procedures and yoga therapy is no different. Yoga has always been looked up as a form of exercise but using it as a form of therapy is something new. People are moving towards to recover from injuries and also to fasten the process of recovery. Yoga is quite powerful and people have been avid followers of it in order to tackle ailments like cancer, diabetes and various allergies.

Soul Flow Yoga
This is the latest addition to the yoga trends. With so many concepts in the yoga industry, it doesn’t feel surprising when we get to hear a new unusual name. Soul flow sounds like that. The concept of this involves yoga, thai chi and dance, mixed together and presented as a new variant. Since soul flow yoga lets you indulge into so many things, the intensity and energy that goes into it is also too high. To make it more fun, it is performed to live music which adds more life t the whole concept.

Yoga Retreats
Ever wondered about taking a vacation just to indulge in yoga? Well, now you can. Yoga retreats are emerging to be the ‘vacation goals’ for many people. Yoga is loved all over the world and vacationing just for it gives out vibes that are so relaxing and rejuvenating. With views so scenic and breathtaking, one would definitely want to practice yoga on beaches and mountain tops just to get the right feel of relaxation.

Acrobatic Yoga
So, this form takes two to tango. Acrobatic yoga has been in the market for quite some time and it lets you and your partner explore yoga and its power together. The form demands a lot of balance and strength in order to avail the complete advantages of it.

Expert Speak
“New innovations are happening in the yoga industry and our goal and target here is to maintain the ethics of the business here. So, we are trying to bring forms but also at the same time trying o make the base strong. There are lots of new things coming in yoga,” says Akshar, Founder, Chairman and Course Director, Akshar Yoga.

Yoga trends have always attracted people. It’s not just the name that goes with it but also the love and curiosity to try something new that makes so many people all around the globe try the various forms. Yoga has evolved from a mere form of letting the mind and body relax and stay healthy to being fun and enjoyable. It is going to evolve in the times to come and will definitely offer something new to all the yoga followers.

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