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How to start a spa venture in ‘not-so-organised’ wellness industry

Business of pampering seems an easy game to enter and win. However, it requires a lot of precision to establish a spa in not well organised Indian wellness industry. Here is a list of easy tips to make an effective start.

How to start a spa venture in ‘not-so-organised’ wellness industry

After the craze of food, travel and entertainment, the spa is the new love of consumers. People are willing to splurge in pampering massages and are willing to explore the most exotic spa space. Often the spa consumers look for something new and tranquil which force them to re-visit that space.

Being a spa fan myself, I would prefer to invest money in a spa that may give me solace, tranquillity and relaxation on the cost of not so expensive yet simple body massage. Here is the 7Rs of foraying into spa business to gauge on market sophistication and readiness for unconventional spa services. Take a look:

1. Right business structure

To start any business venture, establishing the right business structure is pivotal. In spa business, a Certified Public Accountant familiar with the tit-bits of spa venture can help you in establishing the same. Business structures include sole proprietorships, limited liability companies and Subchapter corporations. Meet with a commercial insurance agent with liability background to get business license and required permits at the city or county clerk’s office. Ask your health department about a pre-opening inspection. Contact your state department of revenue regarding a sales tax license.

2. Right location

Often entrepreneur find it difficult to judge the right location for a spa venture. Lease a convenient and visible location is a must. Find a space easily connected to main roads, with adequate customer parking and must get written approval from the zonal officer before signing lease with the property dealer. It is extremely important to emphasise on the chic yet tranquil interior of the spa. Thus, hire an interior designer to create a colour scheme that complements your spa theme/ idea with soothing ambiance. After this, you must contact a sign-making company for building a signage that describe your spa and mirror your interior colour theme. This will surely bag adequate customer attention.

3. Regional competitors

As they say, keep your friends close and enemies closer, in a spa business, understanding the inside-out of your regional day spa competitors is a must. Find all the day spas within your city and in nearby surroundings. Visit each one circumspectly and observe their spa décor, customer pleasing services and practices, menu, discount packages, strategy etc. Analyze the lacking points in their spa, most probably in the service menus to identify what’s missing in it and may lure customer’s attention easily, then design your service menu and make it way better than your close competing brands.

4. Right menu is essential

Like in food business, message menu is the soul of spa business. Include professionally applied facials and scrub/ wrap treatments. In fact, signature applications like custom-blended body scrubs, fruit facials and wraps always impress consumers. Its extremely important to hire professionally trained staff masseur/ masseuse backed with experience in several modalities including niches unfilled by other day spas. Train your staff not to entertain any additional tips or services for the consumers to maintain sanctity and class of your endeavour.

5. Right fixtures & equipments

Contact the most renowned or national supplier of spa equipment that includes facial steamers, massage tables and other treatment-specific fixtures. Include specialty shower and sauna equipment if you plan to offer those services. Work with the supplier to ergonomically blend the fixtures into your day spa’s environment.

6. Right staff training

The best way of bringing right talent on-board is to pick the outgoing and experienced staff from your competition brands. Find gracious and capable employees backed with years of experience at hair salon or other personal service business. Ask community college cosmetology instructors to recommend qualified students who are likely to excel in receptionist and customer service roles. Locate a licensed massage therapist through the leading Massage Therapy Association. Find a licensed aesthetician through the Aesthetics International Association and make a foray in spa space.

7. Right spa launch

Making a bang on announcement about the spa launch is a must. Welcome customers by pampering them with introductory spa package, priced beautifully to please them and force them to check your spa at least once in the launch week. Conduct hourly spa accessories giveaways and create a mailing list with the entry forms. Ask your massage therapist and medical professionals to discuss about the benefits and need of regular spa massages and retreats to help your clients release stress and relax in the tranquil environment of your newly established spa. Must make impactful print, digital and social media promotions to make powerful announcement of your spa and if possible, place tasteful invitations at non-competing hair and nail salons, fitness centers and upscale ladies’ clothing stores to attract ‘She’ first.

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