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How the Spa and Salon industry is leading the Wellness Game

The Salon and Wellness Congress 2017 had talented speakers from the spa and salon industry discussing it out about the best from the spalon industry

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How the Spa and Salon industry is leading the Wellness Game

The spalon industry is going strong with each new trend. The consumers are following every new innovation in the industry and this is helping it develop further and dwell deep in order to implement changes for the better.

Something New for the Spalon Industry
New innovations determine a lot of things for a business as well as for the industry. Technology has changed a lot for us and has also contributed in making our lives easier. New discoveries have always proven to be helpful and life changing and so is the case with the spalon industry. The trend that is the hot topic right now is whether to go full service or focus on a single service.

According to Mr Trent Anthony Munday, Senior Vice President- International, Mandara Spa, Malaysia, it is about going with what the consumer wants and the rest will be decided by the market. The brands need to find something to differentiate themselves from other brands. He further added that the challenge in the hotel spa business is that everything there is same. The brand has to look what the benefits they are providing and how does it separate them from others.

Things to focus on in the industry – Beginners
It is a little hard for an entrepreneur when he/she ventures into a completely new market. The competition is tough and there are brands that have it all and are still doing great to acquire more. In a market which is already full of high-end brands winning it all, making a name of their own is a tough task for a new brand but not impossible. There are certain points a new brand needs to follow to stand equal to the already successful brands and be their competitors.

Ms Norliza Othman, President, Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA), Malaysia, gave her insights on the topic and said that from a business perspective for the beginners, they need to do a market analysis, industry analysis and consumer behaviour analysis. The consumer must talk about your wow factor and should get his needs fulfilled.

Stand out among other brands- The WOW Factor
Every brand has their own WOW factor which attracts the consumers to them. It can be something in the way they take the business forward, the products they use or the way they treat their customers. Consumers remember the brands for the uniqueness they behold and it depends on the spalon brand how they leave a lasting impression on them as the industry is all about services, ambience, brand name and a lot more.

According to Ms Othman, a brand needs to have a soul in their team and the journey should matter. They should have a sound knowledge of their target audience which can be millennial, middle class, first class, niche etc. Brands need to have a mentor to guide them through the competition. Networking and synchronising are also vital key points to move ahead she concluded.

Continuously Innovating- The Key to Instant growth
Innovating has become a need for brands to move at a faster pace than their competitors. Innovation in the spalon industry is the thing which is driving it ahead and making room for more changes and scope of growth. One cannot grow while being stagnant and not innovating. Continuously innovating and finding something new is a must for brands to distinguish themselves from other brands in the spalon industry.

Giving his viewpoints on the same topic, Mr Naresh Arora, founder, Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics, said that aroma and essence have always been a part of the spa. Now, brands are working on natural and organic products and this is the same in the case of aromatherapy. They are doing away with chemical based aromas and including more of natural ones which is a new innovation in itself.

Latest International Trends in the Indian market
Various international trends are making their way to the Indian spalon market. Innovations and developments in the international markets have initiated required changes in the spalon industry. These have provided the consumers with a lot of varieties in services and products.

As said by Ms Rekha Chaudhari, Managing Director, JCKRC Spa Destination, In India, everyone is talking about whitening. Every spa and salon is offering whitening treatments. The recent survey of the international market is all about anti-ageing. The Global Wellness Summit has declared the upcoming turnover of the anti-aging industry as $699 billion which is quite a huge number. She said that this trend is also building slowly and steadily in India as well.

The spalon industry has experienced growth because of changes and it will develop further as international trends are entering the market which is being liked by the Indian consumers.

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