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How Mental Health Apps Are Rapidly Marketing Their Expansion Among The Health Consious

It is reported that approximately 49 million adults in the United States are facing an issue with mental health every year.

By Features Writer
How Mental Health Apps Are Rapidly Marketing Their Expansion Among The Health Consious

In the age of digitalization, applications are marketing their presence in every possible manner. From shipping to entertainment and travel, digital applications are available for almost everything making it convenient for people. There also are applications in the market to look after the mental health and well-being of a person. With the mental health apps on a rise, it is expected that this application segment will grow even more along with providing various new features to the health conscious people.  

It is reported that approximately 49 million adults in the United States are facing an issue with mental health every year out of which almost 10 million are in serious conditions. Depression and bipolar disorder are now listed as the third most common reason for hospitalizations globally.

It has been recorded that people who live with severe mental illness are most favorable to face chronic medical conditions causing death approximately 25 years prior.  These issus can be rduced or eliminated by following a proper healthy diet and exercising regularly. Mental health apps work in the same way focusing on protecting or improving mental health using methods such as meditation, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy and even by providing a valuable support network.

Here are 3 mental health apps that can help to enhance well being of a person.


Being branded as Apple’s “Application of the Year” in 2017, the app is designed to reduce anxiety while helping a person to feel better. Focusing on four key areas like meditation, sleep, breathing and relaxation. The application is providing a meditation feature that can be effective in eliminating your stress followed by breathing programs, music and sound from nature which relaxes a person’s mind promoting better sleep. The meditation sessions are of 3-25 minutes which can fit in with your schedule.


Moodnotes is a thought journal and mood diary specially crafted to capture a person’s feeling for improving their thinking habits through the implementation of positive psychology. It allows a user to track their mood while increasing self-awareness. Even if a person enters a thinking trap, moodnotes automatically starts providing suggestions and useful perspectives for reducing stress. Later, the progress can be viewed in the helpful dashboard.  


Moodpath is one of the useful applications in order to de-stress and achieve mental peace. No less than a pocket-sized mental health companion, the app provides full support to a person facing a rough patch or those concerned about their mental health. The prime aim of the app is to support the user through difficult times while guiding them to peaceful. Moodpath is designed to ask daily questions inorder  to assess your well-being and screen for symptoms of depression. This helps in incrasing yourself awareness. The best part of the application is that after a period of 2 weeks, it generates an electronic document which can be discussed further with a healthcare professional.

The rise of mental health apps indicates the rising number of pople suffering through such  problems.  According to the latest report, more than 50 per cent of all mental illness can be seen before the age of 18. In that vein, smartphone technology is coming up with various applications to prevent the symptoms of mental illness.

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