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fashion industry 2018-06-06

How Fashion Shows Are Reshaping The Fashion Industry And Society

It is predicted that the current fashion retail market which is worth Rs 2,97,091 crore will grow at a promising rate of CAGR 10% to reach Rs 7,48,398 crore by 2026.

By Shahram WarsiJr. Writer

Earlier designers used to show new styles and designs to clients through sketches before it was displayed on wooden dummies. Fashion dolls replaced the wooden dummies in the later time. But things changed when a British couturier Charles Worth came up with an idea of the ‘living mannequin’. He employed mannequins at his store which showcased his collections to the customers.

Production of the finest merchandise is no longer the main objective… what the products represent has become more important than what the product actually is. The fashion industry has been completely focusing on profitability and quality since last thirty years. Fashion corporations are promoting their brand by hiring young designers and organizing fashion shows to add a modern touch.

It is predicted that the current fashion retail market which is worth Rs 2,97,091 crore will grow at a promising rate of CAGR 10% to reach Rs 7,48,398 crore by 2026.

Entry of Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are generally a channel of communication where designers showcase new ideas through merchandise on live models. Clothing manufactures required a platform for promoting their products to its target audiences which gave birth to the concept of fashion shows. While playing a vital role in marketing clothes, the industry is witnessing a constant change in designs and styles. These shows help in creating interest among people and spreading awareness about new arrivals amongst them.

Influence on the Market

Forecasting trends, fashion designers attend shows in order to select fabrics and other raw materials required for manufacturing clothes. Fashion designers aim at inspiring the target audience for purchasing products through these shows while expressing their creative skills and talents. The individual talent of designers is exposed and they get an opportunity to promote their creations.    

Involvement in these shows provides various views on different designs and styles of clothes from designer shows. The knowledge gained from these shows help retailers incorporate ideas into their boutiques.

Impact of Fashion Shows on Society

Fashion gives designers a chance to be independent in ideas, boosting the confidence of customers. Thus, it is a form of expression which helps to bond the similar aesthetics of the designers and their clients. The impact of fashion is so strong in the society that whatever a celebrity wears becomes a trend followed by many. Fashion shows aim at buyers from department stores, fashion journalists and the major wholesale market for increasing their product awareness.

Most clothes which are being manufactured by the industries are fashion show inspired making it a successful fashion trend tool. Clothes manufactured by apparel industries are inspired by fashion shows proving it to be an essential tool in the current time.

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