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How Are Salons Matching Up Their Pace with Consumer Trends?

Operating a salon business might seem easy but it takes a lot to stay updated on the latest trends in the consumer market.

By Feature Writer
How Are Salons Matching Up Their Pace with Consumer Trends?

Trends mean different to different sections of people in the salon business. For consumers, they are the latest buzz that everyone is following and a part of which they also want to be. For brands, they are their business changing moments which are meant to bring a lot of clients to the salons. Salon businesses put in a lot of effort to meet the needs of their clients and as their customers look forward to embracing new tends every day, it becomes a bit hectic and challenging. Salons still want their customers happy and figure out various ways to match up with the changing consumer trends in the salon industry.

Evolving Customers, Evolving Trends
The salon industry has been growing at a rapid speed. Trends have an important role to play in the growth of any industry. The change in the tastes and introduction of new options makes the customer want to experiment. As the consumer evolves, the trends in the market evolves too and the brands have to make sure they are always in the loop of what is happening around them.

Cut Throat Competition
The salon industry is full of cutthroat competition. New brands keep popping up every now and then. This has not only made the industry grow but also has taken up the level of competition among the brands in this market. Customers do have a wide choice to choose from and the differentiation comes in when quality and services of a brand do all the talking. Salon brands that are swift in getting the latest styles and are always updated with the consumer trends get most of the clients. Everyone wants to experience and be a part of something that is in and not old.

Meeting the Expectations
It might seem really hard to meet every expectation a customer has from a brand but not impossible. When it comes to consumer trends, people love to visit a salon that is fully equipped to provide the ‘currently trending’. Consumer gratification is a term that has distinguished the best salons from the rest and still does its job. Until and unless a consumer is not satisfied with the results of a salon, he/she won’t think of coming back to it. It is a fact that trends make a market move and the same is the case with the salon industry. It has become a need to stay updated with consumer trends and brands have taken up various ways to do the same. Social media is a great help as the exposure to it is high. Tailoring consumer experiences according to their want and expectations is also a smart way to e sure that customers get what they want to have.

Expert Speak
I think the Indian beauty industry has got a great future. We were growing at a 20% earlier but now we are moving ahead with 30%. With all these skills, we are going to get people to look after the customers and there is a great future for the cosmetics market as well. I think this sector has never been organised but now I feel that there is a kind of organisation coming in here and it has got a very bright future, says Dr Blossom Kochhar, Founder and Chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic.

Looking good has become hot and that is why the growth of the salon industry is also happening. If we take an example, almost 5-10 years ago, if an average girl would have to go to a party, she would not think of doing a blow dry but now the trends have changed and girls prefer blow drying before heading out. International media is also influencing the market a lot these days and inspirations are being taken from there. Celebrities are followed and their latest fashion and beauty trends are getting all the attention. Though the men segment has just started growing, the women are all influenced and motivated. Looking good has become the new wave and the spa and salon industry is growing because of this and will continue to grow, says Nitin Kalwani, Managing Director, Juice Salon.

Consumer trends are mostly inspired by celebrities, international media and the exposure to various forms of media. Salon brands keep themselves updated with the latest trends as the competition is high and tight. Matching up with each and every requirement of the consumers becomes a tough task but brands have their own ways of getting the work done. In a world full of so many brands that a consumer is never out of choice, it is the service and active participation of a brand in the latest consumer trends that keep it going ahead than others.

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