Wellness Industry 2017-08-31

Consumer trends in health & wellness changing the approaches of brands

With the booming of the wellness industry and increase in consumer demands, one thing which has really been transforming is consumer trends. Let's go through some of them.

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Consumer trends in health & wellness changing the approaches of brands

The wellness industry is a dynamic stage that changes from time to time due to the preferences of the consumers. Probably, the most influenced industry in this aspect is the food and beverage industry. The choices made by the people regarding health and redefining their progressiveness in endorsing wellness concepts affect the industry to a considerable extent.

As per the CEO of Hartman Group, Laurie Demeritt, for 25 years the company has been tracking the changes in this industry. Previously, the main motive behind the products and the consumers was to solve the health conditions that fall in the baseline. The innovations or new approaches were developed with the same motive. The motive encircles two functions. Firstly, the products and service were solely designed to solve health issues. The second function is to manage body weight. Almost all food and beverage were designed to serve one of both the purposes.

The contemporary era showed how reactive the consumers were. Once a product was released and showcased, they reacted as per their choices and preferences. The scenario has totally changed these days. The advent of learning platforms and technology has made it possible for the population to learn and gain knowledge regarding a particular topic. In fact, the experts are also presenting their notions and experience regarding that topic to the consumers. The intelligence and user preferences are changing as time is passing by.

The symposium held in Seattle by Hartman Group discussed the changing preferences of the modern consumers. Generation Z is far more proactive than the previous generations. Regarding health and wellness, they are more cautious and proactive than before.

The findings of the symposium are summarised below.

  • Progressive consumerism is redefining the culture of food and beverages

The progressive consumers are taking their knowledge to the mainstream consumers with the aid of technology. They might be the minority but the influence is creating a stir in the market causing a considerable change in the behaviour of the consumers.

The knowledge and enthusiasm shared are being used as an appropriate guiding system by the mainstream consumers regarding maintaining good health. These days, the progressive shoppers are not looking at the label of the products to check the fat percentage or calorie count but indulging in buying organic food focusing on quality. They are opting for less-processed and freshly prepared food.

  • Say bye to fear-based information

The fear-based controlling system is long gone when people used to eat based on fear of health. The progressive consumers are turning the tables by opting for pale diets or plant-based diets. Adopting these measures will ensure optimal results.

  • Food production and service as crafts

The progressive behaviour of the consumers implies that they consider food production and service as a craft rather than industry. The consumers are checking the ingredients and service more in the menus and foods served in the restaurants. This is why the food and beverage industry is becoming very mindful regarding designing their cuisine list.

  • Burn more, consume less

The generation Z is now focusing on burning more calories rather than consuming them. They are opting for measures to stay fit and ward of lifestyle diseases. As mentioned earlier, they are becoming more health conscious and becoming hungrier for good information to follow.

Balance is considered to be more important. This is why the contemporary generation digs more and gains proper knowledge before indulging in accepting a new ideology. They are focusing on becoming more energetic rather than muscular. This means that their focus is shifting from the heavy lifting towards the cross-fit or endurance training.

Change is permanent. The consumer trends above are redefining the approaches adopted by the health and wellness brands. 

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