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Business opportunity of holistic nutrition in India

There is an utmost need of introducing the concept of holistic nutrition, especially in the urban lives, in order to preserve health and wellness in the population.

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Business opportunity of holistic nutrition in India

Gone are those days when people had good food to rely on. Nowadays, due to lack of time and adulterated food, the entire urban population does not get proper nutrition and suffer from severe health conditions in the future. In the same context, the increase in stress level and tension in the workplace are also taking a toll on the health of an individual. This is where the concept of holistic nutrition fits into the picture.

Holistic nutrition as a business idea
Needless to say, the income level of the urban population in India has elevated to a considerable extent in the past few years. The citizens are also highly concerned about their health, at least more aware than before. They can find latest ideas for setting a proper diet on the internet, but implementing them in their real lives seems very tough. This is where a service for holistic nutrition guidance will work like a charm.

Holistic nutrition is a lucrative business idea to work for where you can add up a lot of things for the betterment of the society. If you are a fitness buff and diet consultant, then no other business idea is better than a holistic nutrition service. Almost every professional and even an adolescent teen need proper nutrition. Opening a service with such provision can be very effective. Apart from providing holistic nutrition consultation, the business idea can go a step further when you can add a catering service to it.

Imagine how the mass will be benefitted via the holistic catering service where apt meals with balanced nutritional content will reach the hungry ones.

As per Dimple Mirchandani, a noted 25-year old holistic nutritionist and entrepreneur depicted that this idea is a good way to ensure health. She also added that the untapped market has huge potential for growth too as the idea is pretty new in the Indian subcontinent. She has already initiated her idea with the name ‘Holistic Nutrition’ in Delhi with her Nutrition and Health Consultation certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York.

How to initiate?
You need to scout the holistic nutrition theories or pursue a degree in this aspect. After gaining a proper certification, you can indulge in applying the dietary theories and include vegan, raw, macrobiotics, and Ayurvedic approaches to prepare a promising nutrition chart for every age.

Other than providing a proper diet plan, you can also enter in organic farming only if you have the necessary resources. Getting a good supply of organic farm products is not a problem as there are many entrepreneurs establishing their farms. In fact, the traditional dishes can also be made with a holistic approach and catered to the business centers. The catering approach is a secondary idea. You need to focus on the consultation and fitness part even more.

The venue will need a particular platform for fitness and holistic nutrition consultation. You can go a step ahead and add yoga provisions too. Adding a raw food kiosk or a juice bar during the initiation is a brilliant idea.

Apart from providing consultation to regarding holistic nutrition, you can also diversify the business by providing a fitness model to the advice seekers to follow. In all aspects, business opportunity in holistic nutrition is pretty high. Endorsing organic food brands can also benefit the business. Find a prospective location and start a campaign offering free consults in the neighborhood. Later on, many new things can be added to diversify the business idea and make it fruitful. 

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