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Business of Beard- The Growing Rage

The men’s grooming sector is growing and so is the craze among men to maintain a beard with all the choices available at their disposal.

By Feature Writer
Business of Beard- The Growing Rage

Everyone knows how much men love taking care of their beards. The men’s grooming market has got a boost ever since the market has started focusing on their basic needs and wants. The choices of men have evolved and so has the product section which is now featuring services and products catering to every section from the men world. There had been less enthusiasm among men and the industry regarding the prospects of grooming for this gender but times have changed. The men’s grooming sector is now flooding with products purely for men. The sector is producing products targeted towards the needs of beard and it is enjoying a lot of success.

The Men’s Grooming industry
The men’s grooming industry is doing really well. It feels good to see so much awareness among men regarding their looks and wellbeing. The support from brands is huge which is helping the consumers’ to choose products for themselves as they wish. It is expected to reach the US $ 60.7 Billion by 2020 as stated by Euro monitor. The market was valued at the US $ 17.5 billion in 2015 as is projected to touch new heights in the times to come. Men have become more conscious about the way they look and present themselves and it is not just anymore the area for women to explore as the men’s grooming sector is covering up each and every corner that need to be looked after. Beards are the latest area men are focusing at and the market is spoiling them with choices under this category.

The Consumer Demographics
A lot has changed with the rise of the men’s grooming market. Men have started to focus on their grooming needs. Beards are the one thing all men love way too much and when the industry puts in front the products which care and nourish their face manes, they can’t help digging into it. Consumers from all over the world are contributing to the growth in the men’s grooming sector and the beard products market is booming. In a report by Euromonitor, men’s toiletries which include new products such as beard balms, shampoos etc has grown to be a market worth $ 3.4 billion.

Men have started to look after their beards and with a huge variety of products available, maintain a face mane doesn’t appear as a tough task. The mentality and thinking procedure have changed and men have understood the need to look after their looks and beards comprise a lot of it.

Products and Services at Disposal
The craze for beards among men is something which is not new but products available to look after them are surely catching eyes. Products like beard wax, shampoos, conditioners, creams, oils etc are making a mark in the men’s grooming market. The male consumers are more than happy to use these products are the demand for them are also high. Various brands like Beardo, the Bombay shaving company and many others are providing products and services dedicated solely to the beauty of beards. The brands are making good revenue through the beard business since the rage among the men is growing every day. In today’s time, men don’t find it weird to go to salons just to avail services for their beards and the salons also make sure to provide the best to their male customers.

Earlier, the whole looking good idea and of going to the salon was thought of as being feminism and not a masculine thing to do. Today, mean are accepting this and the trends are changing, says Mr Mridumesh Rai, Brand Director, Park Avenue, Raymond Apparel Ltd.

Grooming now is not only restricted to looking good and dressing well. It has added to itself various dimensions. Beard grooming is also an area where men are contributing to enthusiastically as it contributes to a larger part in how they present themselves. The industry is growing at a great pace and so is the beard products market since every man dreams of a long and healthy face mane and with such great products and services available, no one wants to miss the chance. 

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