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Building a Brand that is Unique in Many Ways- Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa

A brand needs to look out for all the important elements required in order to make it emerge as a strong name in the market.

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Building a Brand that is Unique in Many Ways- Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa

Among so many brands in the Salon industry, only some have that special charm in them that earns them the name and a good customer base. When an entrepreneur puts his everything in a brand, there’s no doubt that the brand won’t prosper. Dedication and the aim of achieving the best are what that has taken Rossano Ferretti to the heights of success, both as a brand and as an entrepreneur. Sanghvi brands are running the brand in India and are doing a phenomenal job. They have kept the standard of their services high and maintained the quality of products used. In a conversation for our Indian Salon and Wellness Yearbook 2017, we get to know many details about the brand that includes how the brand originated, the journey covered and a lot more.

Brand In Brief
The brand follows the name and the credibility of the world-renowned, celebrity hairstylist Rossano Ferretti. His expertise in hair styling and haircuts have helped him attain many celebrity clients.  The invention of the 'Metodo Rossano Ferretti' invisible haircut provides his work with a different tangent to hairdressing. The senior stylists at Rossano Ferretti salons have been trained by the maestro himself, hence replicating standards across counties. Rossano Ferretti salons are strategically located and each salon speaks for the heritage and expertise of the hairdresser. Hence, the brand does not only offer expert hairstyling but hair services that are unique to Rossano Ferretti.

What’s so unique?
The “Metodo Rossano Ferretti” technique offered only at Rossano Ferretti salons is the unique feature that sets the brand apart from the rest. The invisible haircut provides a distinct yet natural cut to define every individual’s natural beauty. Rossano Ferretti salons are a wonderful sensory experience, where every moment centres on wellness and exquisite luxury.  The services at Rossano Ferretti Salons are customized according to the natural beauty of the client putting an end to the monotony of uniform cuts for every kind of hair. At Rossano Ferretti salons, the stylists appreciate the natural colour of the hair and beautify the hair whilst making the best use of the customer’s natural beauty. The techniques involved in hair styling are unique to each customer. At Rossano Ferretti, the services provided do not follow individual standards respective to each country, but a set code of conduct that is replicated worldwide. Hence, the standard of services respects the rich heritage of each country whilst carrying out their services that are in coordination with the brand ideals.

The Journey
At the early age of 14, the founder of the high-end brand began studying hairdressing and at the age of 19 left his hometown to explore the world of hairdressing in London. He soon began working for the fashion industry. However, it was only in 1994 that in his salon in Parma, he discovered the “Metodo Rossano Ferretti”. The brand believes in the natural flow of motion and invented the invisible haircut, which amplifies the natural motion of one’s hair. As an entrepreneur, he believes that these techniques of hairstyling must be replicated in all his Salons across the world.

The Metodo Rossano Ferretti's most coveted feature is his own personal innovation, which provides an invisible haircut whilst amplifying the natural fall of the hair. The hairstyle is customized to fit and enhance the personality, body and hair of the client. Moreover, the tools used to cut the hair are specific to Rossano Ferretti hairstylists which enhances the natural volume of the hair and reduces the thinning effect in hair that occurs, post-traditional hair cutting.  

Year of start
Rossano Ferretti has been providing services to the hair industry for the past 20 years. 

Present no. Of centers
Rossano Ferretti has over 20 Salons worldwide

Rossano Ferretti is present in major cities of the world from Milan to Madrid, Los Angeles to Mumbai, New York to Paris, London to Rome, hence the world expansion will continue.

Brand’s vision
Rossano and Lorenzo Ferretti have a common vision of enhancing the natural flow of the hair whilst magnifying the natural beauty of their clients that is in tangent with the client’s personality. They visualize their client’s hair to make an impact without changing the natural elements of their hair.

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