Reducetarianism 2017-07-11

Are Indian Consumers Ready to Reducetarianism?

With so many trends coming and going in health and wellness, it is the reducetarianism that has caught the eye of health enthusiasts.

By Feature Writer
Are Indian Consumers Ready to Reducetarianism?

We all have seen so many new concepts in healthy eating and living. Every concept has its own theory and facts supporting it. One such trend that has come up and is being given importance is reducetarianism. It has been the topic of various discussions. Fitness and health enthusiasts have been weighing and decoding the importance and need to adopt it. Though some say, it is beneficial, others might want to dig a little further into it.

The ‘All or Nothing’ Concept
Reducetarianism is a concept which deals with a commitment to eating less meat- red meat, poultry and seafood as well as less dairy and eggs. It is inclusive of vegans and all those who are happy to reduce the amount of animal products in their diet. The concept is catchy as not everyone is willing to adopt the all or nothing concept.

The concept of going vegan and vegetarian, shunning all the meat-based products and going for completely green and healthy is a hard nut to crack for people who have become habitual of having animal based products in their diets. The eating patterns have also changed with times and some vegetarians find it normal to add eggs to their diets. With all this going, reducetarianism may have certain enthusiasts thinking a bit hard on the lines of its concept.

The Indian Consumer Perspective
The Indian consumers have been always choosy when it comes to adapting new diets and concepts of healthy living. They have always had the tendency to look for benefits and also give results derived from them more preference than anything. The Indian consumers have been divided into different sections- the ones who have always preferred eggs and meat in their diets and the others who have always been green and vegetarian.

Reducetarianism focuses on shunning or reducing the intake of all the animal products which might be somewhat tough to achieve for the meat loving Indian consumers. It depends whether they focus more on their diet and health or taste needs which will decide everything. The vegetarian Indian consumers will not face much of a problem with reducetarianism as they have their protein sources figured out and are not dependent on animal based products for their nutrient intake. Their counterparts might think more on the issue of getting their proteins and may reconsider the ‘all or nothing’ concept.

Expert speak
Ms Munmun Ganeriwal, who is a nutritionist, fitness consultant and founder of Yuktahaar gave her insights on the trend. She said, the world is waking up to eating lesser animal protein but since time immemorial, India always had a sustainable way of eating its meat, fish or eggs. Until not long ago before we started having grilled meat with salads for dinner, meat or fish were had in smaller portions as a part of a wholesome meal along with rice or roti. People as vegetarians by birth continued to stay away from meat and there were no questions about how they would get their protein intake. Their diets focused on Plant proteins such as lentils, dals and it is no surprise that they grew up well. Even amongst the non-vegetarians, each of them had their special days in the week when they did not eat meat, fish, or eggs at all. And then there always have been special monsoon month like Shravan when these people gave up eating their meat and flesh and turned Reducetarian. The point here is that monsoons are breeding months for most of the animals, hence it has been advised to refrain from eating them not only for your health but also for the sustainable health of the entire planet. Reducetarianism is hence, not a new concept for India. It’s a new name to its ancient philosophy of eating food in a way that it adds value not only to you but also causes least possible harm to our planet and maintains ecological balance globally.

The Indian consumers have a long way to go as far as reducetarianism is considered. The concept is not completely new but has evolved and changed with the needs of the consumers. Certain sections of the Indian consumers might not want to give their full commitment to it, considering their choices in food and the diet they have been taking ever since. They might want to think more than once before adapting to the trend as their body may not support a lesser amount of protein and the change of source of the same. The other section who are more keen on greens and leafy diets will find the diet suitable and may also give their commitment to the ‘all or nothing’ concept easily.

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