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Wellness blog 2016-06-20

Tired of searching right beauty franchisee? Here is Social Media for your rescue

Although, Social Media has been trending as a powerful tool to promote business, some entrepreneurs are barely scraping the surface of what’s possible could be done with it. Here is some sharp tips on Social Media Franchising.

Tired of searching right beauty franchisee? Here is Social Media for your rescue

Choosing the right franchise is not only essential for its monetary growth, but also for promoting the brand at larger scale. While, the right franchisee can help boost growth of a business, wrong one can hamper it badly and value up to no limit.

There are several ways to select a genuine potential franchisee – amongst them, one can certainly be social media. Yes, this urban revolution not just promotes your brand – but can help you find that perfect franchise owner for your venture. How? Tells famous Aesthetician & Cosmetologist and Director of ALPS Beauty Clinic & Academies, Bharti Taneja.

Promote your brand at a larger scale

With no dearth of social websites, chat forums, and other networking platforms – there has always been a rise in the number of users available online. No wonder, the franchisors can make use of the broad web exposure to a wider range of audience to choose the best franchisee for them. For this, they can turn their heads to Facebook and reach out to the people of similar field – their posts might give you hint about their interest in entrepreneurship and beauty as a field. Similarly, this can also go for Twitter where you can initiate your search for franchisee by following the right kind of people. But, the most-effective of all here remains to be LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking site for professional that connects professionals to recruiters, entrepreneurs to clients and vice-versa. This makes this site a no-nonsense one by paying heed only to the professional needs of people. Therefore, it can also act as a great franchise booster for your brand and help you innately find the right resources and franchisee. Just make a sound profile of your venture on it and stay active to look for budding entrepreneurs. You can post new ‘pulses’ with your contact number in it - and the potential man will come to you automatically!

Suggestions are always invited

Thankfully, in a digitally marked era we live in, we don’t have to roam around wasting time to do a market research or recce. In the worldwide web, filled with several Q&A forums like Quora, Yahoo Answers and more, don’t shy away from asking questions, and indulging into debates. These places let you meet people with common interests and also the franchise experts – so that you can ask anything under the sun. Like, if you want to know about the franchise module of the competitors – you can certainly ask as one of their potential buyers and have ball in your favor. Understanding the key areas and price hierarchy of your competitors is really going to help you in designing and modifying yours. Join groups and chat sessions that allow you clear your doubts with just a click.

Post & re-post your thoughts

Last, but not the least, always be up for posting and adding new things online all across various social sites – be it Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. These posts must be anything related to your brand and franchise; like franchise module, its flexibility rate, areas where you offer to open a franchise or any other thing that highlight the USP of your brand. Not only this, after joining related groups – make sure to post on their timelines as well to increase the reach of your post. Along with this, you can decide upon time as well as frequency of your posts according to your convenience. For example, three posts at regular intervals in a day is sure to reap you beneficial results. So, be sure to act accordingly and select a wise franchisee for your esteemed beauty brand.

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