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Organic products 2017-06-14

Organic Products India

Today, high percentage of consumers prefers consuming organic products in place of normal ones. Read through some of the reasons for the same.

By Feature Writer
Organic Products India

First of all, we should understand what are Organic products? Organic products are mainly organic food, or products of cultivation that avoid the artificial and harmful agriculture enhancers like fertilisers or pesticides, insecticides etc. These also include feed enhancers given to livestock such as cattle, goat etc.

So you might be thinking, what is the advantage that we get from using organic products? Here are a few:

Less Pollution: Pesticides, or other substances used to enhance farming capabilities often constitutes the runoff from farms and join drinking water sources causing various environmental issues such as Biomagnification, Eutrophication etc. Since organic farming removes these factors from the quotient of agriculture, they also come with a guilt free conscience.

Better health: When these pesticides or fertilisers enter water bodies, they often start accumulating in fishes, plants etc. When you consume these fishes, the accumulated toxins are released into your body bringing disastrous effects such as lead poisoning, Minamata Bay Disease etc. So we see indulging in organic farming can secure a better ticket to health.

Less exposure to antibiotics: Livestock Rearing comes with injection of antibiotics to lengthen the lifespan of the animals and increase productivity. Organic farming does not involve this procedure; hence we are safe from these kinds of antibiotics, which otherwise we would be exposed to from consuming meat, eggs or milk.

Better Taste: Organic food almost always taste better due to their organic and environment-friendly way of practicing cultivation. Less use of preservatives and fertilisers go a long way in restoring the natural taste of these food products.

Fresher Products: Say goodbye to cold storage food products, by embracing Organic Food. They do not include preservatives and hence are almost always sold fresh. This is why farmer’s markets are such a popular phenomenon in different parts of the world like US, Japan etc.

Now we come to this part of the world, India. Why are the organic products known to be popular here?

Organic Sweets: Sweets are traditionally of immense significance in Indian culture. But producing them can involve addition of many chemicals and unhealthy additives. Organic Sweets are however free of this sort of additives and thus can ensure a healthy and tasty dessert.

Organic Wheat/Atta: They are the finest possible quality of wheat or atta, which is organically produced to ensure a stronger body and a healthy mind. The cereals are enriched with a variety of nutrients and vitamins to help your body stay healthy in the long run. Organic food grains offer abundant health boosters and reduce the risk of heart disease and cholesterol.

Organic Sugar: In comparison to refined and processed sugar, organic sugar comes packed with a lot less health hazards. It reduces the risk of pesticide contamination as the procedure of processing is removed from the quotient, which involves pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Also, organic/raw sugar has more of a nutritional value than processed, as the process of treating the sugar to chemicals often drains away these essential nutrients.

Organic Vegetables: No preservatives. No fertilisers. No harmful chemicals. Organic vegetables come with not only a guilt free conscience, but also packs a lot of untouched nutrition they naturally possess, but are hampered by preservatives, and other chemicals. Organic vegetables are the most popular of all the types of organic food in India, and are even sold online. So what are you waiting for? Embracing the organic life has been easier than ever in today’s day and age.

Organic Oil: Just like Sugar, Organic oil undergoes minimum chemical treatments to preserve their nutritional value lowering the possibilities of health hazards they can contribute to.

Organic Spices: What is the difference between the packed haldi you buy and the haldi the nearby farmer sells? The difference is the packaged haldi is processed and may contain chemicals, which in the long run deteriorate not only your health, but also their own nutritional content.

Organic Tea: Tea which goes through minimal number of chemical treatments while being processed is called organic tea. Organic tea cultivation also involves natural fertilisers and removes the factor of harmful, artificial chemicals.

“India produced around 1.35 million MT (2015-16) of certified organic products which includes all varieties of food products namely Sugarcane, Oil Seeds, Cereals & Millets, Cotton, Pulses, Medicinal Plants, Tea, Fruits, Spices, Dry Fruits, Vegetables, Coffee etc.”- A statement of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. So we see how organic products in India are so popular that there’s a huge want even in foreign countries. So there’s no reason to live in this nation and not avail the abundance of organic products it offers. 

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