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Wellness Industry 2016-07-02

How wellness clubbing may turn into a lucrative business trend for Indian fit bizz

Turning the detrimental activity into a healthy practice with inventive fusion of wellness and club culture has effectively sparked interest of the masses in New York, a city highly influencing Indians.

How wellness clubbing may turn into a lucrative business trend for Indian fit bizz

Highly influence with the western culture of rigorous week days backed with endless calls and grilling client meetings and party hard in weekends, millennials in India are unknowingly losing health.

Now, imagine a club serving smoothies in martini or cocktail glasses, bond bar will bring in lighting and smoke machines with aroma of lemon grass oil and dance floor is filled with fitness enthusiasts- ‘Welcome to the Wellness Clubbing’.

Avenue of opportunities

Bringing the same invention to Indian consumers would be an exclusive way of promoting and supporting wellness in the country.

“With wellness clubbing, you get a club like atmosphere, equipped with many structured exercise routines i.e. spin classes, boot camps, group classes, yoga etc. The alcoholic drinks replaced by nutritious smoothies, shots and healthy snacks like protein chips and the equivalent. The trend opens doors of new business opportunities for clubs to unleash with a smaller setup cost than a full gym facility, attracting crowds who look for fun way of fitness and quick workout or a series of classes, which can be done in larger groups,” explained Jag Chima, Co-founder, Kris Gethin Gyms.

The Wellness clubs project contagious positive energy underlying motivational factors for health, clubbed with variety of sober dance options, Zumba, yoga and light martial art practices, performed under one roof.

The idea helps in developing an increased appetite and yearning for being in the moment and having a truly collective, communal and connecting experience which is equally rejuvenating and improves health.

Ideas to implement

For opening, you may arrange a pre-party wellness sessions where men and women may try laying flat on their back in a circle, beneath the disco ball on the dance floor to meditate. After a short while, post meditation comes a blaze of colourful strobes of light when wellness instructors prance among participants, inviting them to Wake Up and Start shaking legs to the tunes of high energy songs.

Else, arrange a video projection of psychedelic scenes soaking the walls, serving as calming focal points while a darkened environment reinforces one theme. The mind should be dedicated to the body. Class leaders insist this nuanced wellness environment coupled with specific aspects of the club culture project ‘contagious positive energy.’

Harmful alcohol drinks may replaced by superfood smoothies and services like massages and yoga.

“It is also an opportunity for the nutrition industry to grow by having clients actually use their products and make is fashionable to actually have a protein shot/smoothies instead of the unhealthy options most are used to having. Wellness clubbing will certainly be attractive to many especially those who thought clubbing days were over as now it becomes a fitness trend,” added Chima.

Clean clubbing wellness classes are without a doubt a much healthier way to let loose and the desire for it seems to only be growing stronger – even if for some, it may seem bizarre.

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