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Wellness blog 2016-06-09

How social media can play a pivotal role in boosting your health product reach

Creating a strong consumer base is of utmost importance for any business. And, social media provides organizations with the perfect platform to showcase their products/services by persuading and attract them at large.

How social media can play a pivotal role in boosting your health product reach

In today’s digital climate, companies around the world find it increasingly hard to stay relevant without social media. Creating a strong and loyal consumer base is of utmost importance for any business and this is where social media plays a pivotal role in displaying products and services by persuading consumers at a their favourite area of interest.

Often businesses falter on one of the most important aspect of their strategy – brand promotion. And, this is understandable as often there isn’t enough time to stay up-do-date with technology. When it comes to the health and wellness industry, building a strong, engaging and responsive brand is critical, since consumers’ want to stay up-do-date with information about their health.

And, what’s better way than social media to convey this as health conscious consumers are equally tech-savvy. Hence, a health brand must always invest in its social media to reach the right consumers who are mostly online, browsing the search engines for the next best revolution to transform their health.

Don’t miss out the opportunity and lift your health brand to the next level by focusing on social media promotions and open your business to a global audience. Here is what you must do:

  • Be interactive:

Advertising your business on facebook is an important part of any good social media marketing plan. But, there is a difference between posting engaging content and sharing posts that fail to draw attention. Being interactive on facebook is the best way to bag likes on your product page. From posting content on current events to running contests where you give out freebies, consumers will automatically be attracted to your posts. Hence, your page will gain more attention. Apart from this, using the right keywords and posting content at the right time is important too since this leads to higher engagement. Research shows that the optimal time to post on Facebook is between 1:00 pm and 3:00pm.

  • Be visual:

Visual draws in people like nothing else. Instagram, a fun, photo-based social network can drive big results for your business too. With 50 times more engagement on Instagram than facebook, a business is bound to capture stronger attention when present on Instagram. From updating your Instagram regularly to adding a link to your website, Instagrammers wish to see a mix of visuals and information when browsing through. Hence, showcase your products in fun, engaging ways where consumers feel more connected to what you are selling. Another way to retain consumers on Instagram is by re-posting images your consumers have posted with your products. This gives a rewarding feeling for the consumer who posted it. Besides, it also shows your audience how others enjoy your product.

  • Be informative:

An exciting platform, Twitter has managed to gain a large global audience who often scroll through their phones or laptops early in the morning to find out in short what’s happening around the world. However, Twitter also has many scratching their heads who are trying to figure this platform out for their own benefit. Make sure you have an engaging Twitter bio and promote your Twitter page on your website/blog. Secondly, knowing one’s Twitter lingo is necessary since, like Facebook using keywords and hash tags allows the business to target their audience of choice and also gives your tweets some context.

  • New-age bloggers:

India is currently witnessing a revolution when it comes to blogging. With youngsters taking on the world with their smart phones, laptops, cameras and words, collaborating with bloggers has become one of the most effective ways to get in touch with the right consumer. For health brands who wish to showcase themselves as providing the promise of good health, working with health, fitness and food bloggers is the best thing since they not only write product reviews, post pictures of your products and promote them on their social media platforms but also influence their followers about a brand.

  • Sell online:

In today’s time, almost every business out there is available online since, businesses understand that consumers today often lead hectic lives and require everything to be available at their convenience, even when shopping for their health. E-commerce platforms are a great way to reach your products to a large pool of consumers who otherwise wouldn’t buy your products from retail stores. From running discounts to giving out freebies on purchase of products, consumers are bound to be attracted to your brand if you keep giving them value. Businesses often invest in advertisements and online banners on popular E-Commerce websites as well which help promote their brand to the right consumer.

This article is written by Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director of GAIA health product, as per her personal research and experience.

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