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Wellness blog 2016-06-23

How a swanky package can pack a punch to your health snacks

Do you wish to add a touch of uniqueness to your health brand? Here is 6 ways you can re-design the package and drive sale of your health snacks products.

How a swanky package can pack a punch to your health snacks

Ever heard of a term impulse buy? Most consumers, who walk into a supermarket, often get influenced by the product packaging and end up impulse buying. Today, large retail stores offer wide variety of products to choose from, in a bid to tap the bulk buying behaviour of the consumers.

When a consumer is presented with ample choices, what is the guarantee that they would end up noticing, picking and investing in your product, rather than your competitor’s? Subconsciously, a consumer always notices and buys products following its look and feel of packaging.

Since this is the first point of contact with the consumer, packaging plays pivotal role in driving sales and achieve success in the market. Here is 6 productive tips to gain attention towards your product by redesigning your product package.

1. When a consumer is strolling down on the shelf, packed with range of snacks, it becomes difficult to grab their attention. Especially, if there are established brands on the counter to compete with. Using bright, bold and vibrant colours not only loudly publicize your product, but it also help make impact on the kids’ mind that should be your prime target. Colour has the potential to send powerful messages to a consumer, convincing them to either buy or not buy a product. Colourful and visual packaging is bound to get your product picked over competitor brand’s product.

2. Food packaging is always tricky for healthy snack as one need to make use of the right colours to make it appetizing and appealing. Subconsciously, we associate food items with warm, vibrant and natural colours like red, orange, yellow and green. These colours not only stimulate appetite and evoke hunger, but it also induces excitement. In particular for health foods, green should be present on the packaging since it promotes healthy living, organic and environment friendly products.

3. Alterations in pack size increases frequency of consumer trials and also help in expanding the consumer base. Since it not only reduces the unit price, making it affordable, it also makes the product less risky to try out. Reducing the pack size also give a brand the ability to tailor offerings according to the pay patterns of their target groups. For instance, shampoo is both found in common 200 ml bottle packs and also offered in 8ml sachets. Those who cannot afford the bottle opt to buy sachet. Hence, the brand takes advantage of this opportunity, grabbing more consumers compared to their competitors.

4. Words equally pay an essential role in boosting sales. Thus, opting for like FREE, OFFER, EXTRA and NEW evokes a consumers’ interest. Usually on the lookout for good deals, consumers get attracted when they find that they are getting more for less when they go out for shopping.

5. We are living in the age of innovative and sustainable packaging. The best example of this is Paperboat, a brand of non-carbonated beverages that offers its consumers fresh and innovative packaging. Made of recyclable packaging material, the product comes in a tight sealed, plastic doy pack that ensures zero spillage and gives a delicate, paperish look. The minimal artsy doodles and nostalgia-inducing taglines found on the product cleverly conjure up memories of childhood and simple times. Just the mere packaging of this product makes this at least a onetime buy for many!

6. As consumers, we wish to see the product inside the package and when a brand does that, it easily reaches to the right target group at the right time. Transparent packaging helps consumers feel more reassured about the food product. Hence, drive sales. Products like purified honey twigs, savory snacks etc, when found in transparent packaging, it clearly satisfy the consumers and encourage them to pay for the product.

This article is written by Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director, GAIA, as per her personal experience and experience in health products market.

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