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Health & Wellness 2017-06-30

Health and wellness coach

As per FICCI, India will soon serve as the most prospective country where health and wellness industry will hit a record figure of INR 1 Trillion.

By Feature Writer
Health and wellness coach

The degrading health of the urban population is a big concern for medical science. The betterment of medical facilities has enhanced the life expectancy of an individual but the escalated occurrence of lifestyle diseases and stress is quite overwhelming. The diseases seem to affect almost every family member and probably, the main reason behind such anomalous incidents is the improper choice of lifestyle. The professionals spend a lot of their time at the workstations. The elevated demand for the corporate houses and increase in competition in the workplace is escalating the degree of stress, leading to various diseases among the professionals. The adolescent students are also not spared. The immense pressure of studies and extra-curricular activities are affecting the wellbeing of the youngest members of the family. This is a very big concern for everyone.

Dalai Lama once said, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” Everyone is a part of the cog in the rat race. No one can afford to stop for a while or take rest or else someone will overtake and replace him/her. It is also important to maintain proper health for a brighter future. This is where a health and wellness coachcomes in the picture.

Prospect of health and wellness coaching in India
As per the speculations and statistical analysis performed by FICCI, India will soon serve as the most prospective country where the health and wellness industry will hit a record figure of INR 1 Trillion by the end of this decade. The professional of health and wellness coaching will play a dominant part and contribute the highest percentage as per revenue. In fact, the demand in the need of a health coach will also add up in the CAGR growth of 12% every year for the upcoming five years in a row.

Looking at the present figure and the forecasted statistics, many domestic and international brands have entered in this industry to capture the untapped potential of the promising market. The urban population is in utmost need of these health and wellness coaching centres. The most prominent names in this section are mentioned below.

Shakshi Wellness
This brand is well-recommended by the health and fitness experts for an effective change. Other than spa and salon service, this brand also provides health coaching services to families and individuals.

Urjja Preventive Healthcare
This brand is a great initiative that is making a great difference in the Indian wellness market. Other than creating own service venues, this brand is all set to provide franchising option under a feasible budget anywhere in India. Urjja is providing health and fitness solutions to the families with the aid of the registered and trained health coaches.

Country Club Fitness and Hospitality
Not only fitness but also dietary and lifestyle services are being provided by this brand. In fact, this company also has a specific genre of wellness and dietary product range.

It is an international brand that has ventured in the subcontinent. With the aid of this brand, the franchisee can establish a fitness venue that will provide health and wellness solutions, as well as, workout venues for the entire family.

Truworth Wellness
This company is serving the best-featured venues for both personal and corporate wellness services. The brand has incorporated innovated measures to encourage the urban mass to adopt the good lifestyle measures and stay healthy.

Being a health and wellness coach
After getting certified from a recognised institution, it is better to get linked with a health and wellness brand that provides lifestyle-related services to the stressed urban population. This will primarily aid in gaining a good experience and the knowledge of how to execute a business plan can be used later for your own venture. The current wellness market is very fruitful for a venture in this industry. If you are a health and wellness buff, then this will be the most suitable profession to choose for a bright future. 

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