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Future business prospects of diet clinics in India

The current scenario depicts that setting up a diet clinic is a lucrative wellness business idea

By Feature Writer
Future business prospects of diet clinics in India

Gone are those days when people use to have home-cooked food at their workplace and rely on fresh preparations. Time has changed considerably which is impacting everyone’s life in all possible ways. The main problem in routine and hectic days is that the individuals cannot maintain proper timings to eat well even if the food is good. The problem stacks up with other physiological and mental issues and deteriorates the well being of the person.

As Wayne Fields said, “The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are the sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.”

The importance of diet cannot be ignored. Eating anything might suppress hunger, but will not elevate the health of an individual. In fact, the contemporary lifestyle is degrading the situation rather than aiding them due to the over-consumption processed and junk food along with beverages. A moment on the lips can add a pound on the hips. India holds the third rank in the population of obese people. Almost 8 out of 10 adults are physically unfit. The worst part of this problem is that the average lifespan has increased due to the aid of the medical benefits. People tend to live longer and suffer more with the unhealthy problems associated with bad diet. The current scenario depicts the prospect of wellness business ideathat includes a diet clinic.

 Diet clinic business prospects
Every single person who does less physical work and does not restrict in eating will eventually gain weight. As per statistics, obesity is the biggest killer. The extra pounds could be very dangerous as the unnatural Body Mass Index (BMI) can increase the possibilities of occurrence of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, digestion, etc.

Almost every middle-aged person suffers from improper diet and excess weight. The idea of a Diet clinic businessin this current scenario will be a fruitful venture. The impact on the society will be well-recognised due to the ‘Good Samaritan’ act.

A diet clinic is the combination of the expert dieticians, fitness coaches, and nutritious food. The plan is to set up a great venue where the individuals suffering from lack of nutrition and overweight problems will get all the possible solutions under a single roof. The Indian wellness sector is well-booming to a new dimension with an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate of 25% and hit the mark of $3.2 billion by the end of 2017.

Nowadays, the trend depicts that the fitness-concerned individuals are indulging not only in maintaining a proper routine regarding the workout sessions, but also looking for a regular diet consultant for better results. What can be better than the idea of amalgamating fitness center with diet consultancy with the aid of a known franchise? This wellness business ideawill have a remarkable result when the idea is updated to the level of wellness clubbing concept. The currently stressed population of India in the metro cities is opting for a venue where they can find innovative weight losing measures along with a proper dietary section to provide nutritious food.

Staying fit is the ultimate charm to keep up in the competition. A diet clinic will be the source of encouragement to the customers for staying healthy, fit and look confident. A diet clinic is a must visit place for individuals of all ages ranging from school students to owners of a company. The diverse target audience depicts the future prospect of this wellness business idea and eventually, it will flourish with the aid of proper promotion. As per the statistics provided by reputed diet clinics run by Harpreet Pasricha, Sheela Seharawat, etc, the return on investment is tripled and the venture reaches its break even point within 4-6 months of introduction.

The Wellness business industry will never stop growing due to the inevitable problems among the stressed individuals. A proper diet clinic setup will ensure good service to the population suffering from lack of healthy food and proper guidance. This wellness business idea targets the entire family where every member will be benefited with the customised diet plans from experts and designed routine for fitness programs in the venue. Once the wellness spreads among the clients, the fame will be automatically dispersed via verbal communication and the clientele will increase to a considerable extent. 

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