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Diet 2015-05-04

Dire need to fill gap between everyday Indian food and health: ReviseDiet Founder

Bangaluru-based nutrition consultant Atraeyee Niharchandra is the Founder of ReviseDiet, a platform to discover, develop and share scientifically proven information about the benefits of eating food and help you eat guilt free.

Dire need to fill gap between everyday Indian food and health: ReviseDiet Founder

She is an expert trainer in weight loss and a follower of naturopathy, helping people lose weight (on an average 10-12 kgs in 3-4 months) the healthy way without ditching their favourite snack. Atraeyee Niharchandra, Founder and Nutrition Consultant based in Bangaluru provides relief, preventionand cure of specific diseases through food therapy throughReviseDiet. Wellness India talks to this self motivated, nutrition expert who is helping people lose upto 10-12 Kgs without ditching their favourite food.

According to this young Nutritionist, food plays a vital role inNaturopathy, as it says ‘you are what you eat’. The ReviseDiet help people equip to handle food during stress and overcome the stress that invariably comes in their way, thus avoiding both mental and physical illness. Since ReviseDiet is not-for-profit, she offers an independent perspective that is not influenced by commercial interests.

Brief us about your diet and nutrition consulting work? How do you help Indian consumers improve their diet, keeping intact the indulgence part?
I work on the Nutrition Principles and Naturopathy and help people to juggle and play with Indian and modern food to create a balance in healthy food. I help them to learn and play with the food, whether fried, sweet, junk and healthy. We eat everything at ReviseDiet and we lose weight. That’s why we don’t need cheat days as we eat everything and work on weight loss. I have patients on bed rest, multiple fractures, who can’t exercise, but need weight loss as bed rest or no exercise is causing weight put on. When you learn to play with food - weight loss becomes easy.

The 'Tridoshas' balance in human body is much essential for maintaining health. Depending on our doshas or constitutional type, some foods could be beneficial, while some should be avoided. These foods may have the opposite effect on another dosha.

The science of Ayurveda teaches that right diet is the foundation of healing. For maximum health and vitality, ideal diet is the key that balances our doshas. Our Indian meals from generations are designed on the law of Tridosha and panchamahabhootas (5 elements of Ayurveda and Yoga).

Certain food at certain time of the day can help to cure and avoid chronic diseases. The equation of five elements with body types create our likes and dislikes towards food and may also impact the nature of a person.

Each one of us acts as per our Prakruti (physical constitution). The food combinations for a certain time of the day created at ReviseDiet are designed on the science of food equations to give you the right diet for healing, health and fitness.We follow the traditional combinations of ideal meals such as biryani and raita, paratha with dahi and pickle, rajma rice, raggi mudde with curd or sambar or rasam, etc are done tobring balance in the body and to maximise health and vitality in the Indian climate.


How essential is to keep a tab over nutritious product intake?
I think everyone needs a bit of nutrition consulting these days. There is a huge disconnect between food and health. When I say eat three aloo parathas - the first reaction I get is ‘OMG, I can’t eat three parathas’. People have stopped eating food, have reduced sleep and don’t give attention to water intake. Everyone wants to eat oats or corn flakes or breadsfor breakfast and eating parathas or rotis looks like a mad talk. Conflict with food is causing imbalance in health.

What are the current nutritional trends you are witnessing inIndian market?
There was a time of consuming hot water with lemon and honey in the morning, and then came Green tea for health after that it was apple, cider and vinegar, next was the era of flax seeds. Now, I see Chia seeds and Detox water in fancy mason jars which is a new fad diet. However, the usual problem I’ve come across with my patients is - they don’t have energy in the morning and they eat less, sleepless, usually late at night and remain unhappy.
Today, exercise has become regular part of our lives. It’s great to see people doing yoga, cycling, running, cardio and sometimes zumba. But, the food balance is missing. I hope people eat on time. Personally, I am not a fan of either of them. Luke warm water or normal water is great in the morning. Drinking Vinegar or eating flax seeds can’t give health. I do see people being confused about healthy and unhealthy. Thus, I keep telling them to eat, as when you eat food - you get energy and the chances of constipation and gas, reduces in the body.

What kind of nutrition does an Indian consumer need?
Indian body type needs energy giving food, which may helpin reducing constipation and gas. Also, a balance between puri, parathas, rice, burger, pizza and sleep is essential.

Where does India stand in terms of diet & nutrition on scale of 0-10 in comparison with other European countries? Whatkind of initiatives may bridge the gap?
There is a lot of research being done on European food like the calorie count, time to eat, etc. There is a high awareness on European food. Even in India, people know more about European food than Indian food. The gap between everyday Indian food and health has to fill.

Can you comment on nutritional consideration on mobility and cardiovascular health in India?
Food plays a pivotal role in coronary heart disease and is evident from its pathological process, which involves the formation of arterial plaques, alterations in endothelial function (which, in turn, influence blood pressure) heightened risk for thrombosis, and inflammatory processes. Food and timing can help in regulation of blood lipids and by influencing endothelial function and the underlying inflammation that causes disease progression.

A disciplined food timing habit, particularly if combined with regular exercise can prevent delay or reverse the progression of atherosclerosis and development of CHD, with subsequent reduction in cardiovascular events. Social Isolation has become a major challenge in today's life. It’s difficult to talk to people or go and meet people, but it’s easier to chat, whatsapp and call. Maintaining a healthy body needs interaction with people, a good laugh and feeling the good Mother Nature. It may reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, help with flexibility and mobility, and aid in mental alertness.


How do you create awareness among people about healthy and nutritious diet?
I often conduct workshops on spreading health awareness with local communities. Most of the workshops are free of charge. Give me a bunch of people and I am ready to talk about health and everyday lifestyle habits.

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