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Product LaunchApr, 28 2015

Dental and Orthodontic Clinic, Dentem, launches exclusive precious gem stone dental jewellery

DENTEM, the Dental and Orthodontic Clinic, has come up with the latest in ‘Tooth Jewellery’ that will add a sparkle to your million dollar smile!

By WI Bureau

For all fashion conscious, trendy people, DENTEM the Dental and Orthodontic Clinic has come up with a new innovation in Tooth Jewellery, to add that extra sparkle to your smile. With this exclusive service, one can insert the gorgeous crystals or gold with a twinkle of ruby or diamond onto the tooth in minutes, without drilling or bearing additional pain.

After experimenting with eyebrows, lips and tongue piercing, one can now go in for stone studded tooth in different shapes and sizes, for that extra gleam.

Wellness India talks to the Founder of DENTEM, the leading chain of dental clinics, Gunita Singh in Delhi, who brought this exclusive service to bestow clients with a gem sparkling smile.

About Tooth Jewellery procedure & impact
In this procedure, first, the patient is made comfortable on a dental chair and asked to select the tooth jewellery that he/she wishes to get inserted on the tooth. The tooth jewellery is available in different shapes, sizes and colours as per the client’s choice and demand. At the beginning of the procedure, the tooth chosen is thoroughly cleaned and then etched with 37 per cent phosphoric acid for 20-30 seconds. This enhances the bonding area of the tooth. Then, the tooth surface is rinsed thoroughly with water. Next, a bonding agent is applied and is cured under light for 10-20 seconds. After this, a small amount of composite is applied on the surface, and then the tooth jewellery is placed on it. Further, it is light cured from every angle for 40-60 seconds. At last, the gem stone or the jewel is allowed to set. Significantly, the procedure demands Oral Hygiene Maintenance so that no side effects issue gets raised by those who have undergone the procedure.

It is a standard procedure originated years back in Africa, where the entire tooth was covered by gold caps and over the years, transformed into a stud on the surface of the tooth.

Consumers going for it
Over 100 people have got it done from us at our different centres across Delhi. Approximately, one out of every five patients, mostly females, enquires about it. However, the procedure is a hit among men too.

Scope & benefit
This trend is increasing in demand, especially among fashion conscious consumers. The procedure doesn’t have any specific benefits, except for the fact that it’s a unique cosmetic procedure that enhances smiles and helps you gain attention of your peer group.

Pricing of the procedure
The price, including the cost of the jewel, comes between Rs7,500 to Rs10,000. It may also depend on the running price of jewel stones.

Challenges faced
People are reluctant to try this procedure due to a misconception that it might cause destruction to the surface of the tooth. However, it’s a harmless procedure which is just like sticking something on the tooth. Secondly, people also think that it’s a way too costlier, whereas it’s a much cost effective procedure, as expensive as a monthly visit to salon. Moreover, the material used for the tooth jewel procedure is Bio-compatible, hence, one should not fear even if swallowed. Interestingly, unlike other stud piercings in our body, it can be removed easily in seconds by the dentist, without leaving a lasting mark behind. People also think that they might not be able to keep their teeth clean after the jewel is etched, which is again a myth.

Promotional strategy
The clinic is offering packages with good discount offerings to the consumers.

Future expectations
The trend hopefully will gain momentum in Delhi soon as the procedure is easy and low cost with no pain, unlike other painful trends like body tattoo and piercing, which leaves a mark behind.

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