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Wellness blog 2016-04-15

7 ways to exploit Social Media marketing for beauty brand promotion

Often termed as the online hangout place in virtual world, Social Media keeps billions of prospective clients for beauty and wellness promoters. Here is how you can bag maximum clients to your kitty by using Social Media Marketing.

7 ways to exploit Social Media marketing for beauty brand promotion

The world is going gaga over social media. Be it consumers or brands, everyone believes the power of social media and are using it in their favour. All major brands are now focusing on product marketing via social media. This wonderful tool of Social Media Marketing is enough for not just brand promotion but indeed making consumers swear by it, in turn, brings great revenues!

Veteran Beauty Expert, Renowned Aesthetician & Cosmetologist, Founder-Director of ALPS, Bharti Taneja shares some impactful tips for beauty brands to exhaust the much productive trend of Social Media Marketing. Read on.

1. Classify your target audience

Audience is very important and being a salon owner your obviously understand that your audience is the one who will convert your perspective customers into lasting loyal clients. Thereby, first segregate your target group in terms of gender, age or location and then act upon them. If you are classifying the audience in the right way and putting all your efforts towards seeking their attention, then the probability of sale conversions will increase manifolds.

How should you target your audience

Once you’ve decided your marketing goals, you can easily target your right audience on various social media tools. Join various groups related to your industry and start engaging the target members on these groups. Often post some useful beauty or wellness tips, blog post or DIY videos to gaining adequate attention of the consumers from scratch.

2. Understand the consumer’s expectations well

Take some time out to observe what your target consumers are looking for and often demand, by checking and regularly answering their queries. Observe what kind of content is easy for your audience to consume. If they are interacting at a higher rate with images then you must start playing smart with your posts by sharing fascinating images to lure your clients. All the tips, expert advice or DIY suggestions should be backed with an impactful image.

While, on the other hand, if your audience is easily downloading or accessing the video posts often then you may start your own YouTube series and share it on all the social media platforms.

3. Choose the right social media platform

Every platform is not suitable for every business model and not many know about it. It’s not necessary that promoting your brand on Twitter or LinkedIn will always generate good business. The only way to learn is by trial and error method where your target audience is spending time.

Facebook: One of the most renowned social media platform which you cannot ignore while forming and analyzing your strategy for social media marketing. Often people visit the site for fun as it’s an online hangout place in virtual world. So, your posts should be light, funny, easy to understand which on the same time convey right message to the target consumers. Facebook is much favorable for B2C industry.

Twitter: This one comes second after Facebook, in the list of leading social media platforms, on the basis of its no. of users. Impactful for both B2B and B2C space, it is a great platform where you can update your followers about your new product and services directly.

4. Regular posting on Social Media platforms

People are getting a lot of posts on their news feed, twitter feed etc. Chances are higher that your post could face client’s ignorance. Therefore, you need to be vigilant about your post sharing and regularly maintain the frequency of posts on all the social media platforms. Re-sharing your old post is also a good practice to increase engagement with your brands.

5. Giving great offers and discounts

Social media is a great tool to earn and build brand loyalty as people share your posts if they feel delighted by your services and products. Try to surprise your fan followers on social media by extending bonanza offers and discounts to them. This practice will equally help your brand in attracting more followers and increase your online reach.

6. Announcing contests & promotions

Now, here is an opportunity to convert your audience into prospective clients and in turn boost sales. Decide in advance what will be the purpose of your contest and plan it accordingly. Start promoting your contest online in advance, at least a month before. Initiate your contest online or offline and ask contestants to promote your products and services in their network as well. The contest will not only increase your brand followers, but may also help you capture some good leads and sales.

7. A big YES to Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads are great for promoting your contest online in a short period of time, that too in wide locations. Promote your products and services through online Ads and show great response in terms of leads and sales, this way also you may gain adequate traction as consumers are curious to click on highlighted ads on social media.

Here is few other benefits of social media advertising

  • Easy to target new prospects directly.
  • We can do A-B Testing to optimize your Ad campaign.
  • We can use promising AD copy (heading and descriptions) which will force the viewer to click on the Ad.
  • We can accelerate the conversion rate of sales for a particular service or product.
  • Easy to monitor your Ad performance by using Analytics.
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