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Wellness Industry 2017-02-17

7 myths related to wellness practices busted

It is a responsibility of every health practitioner to create awareness, educate and deliver results in order to achieve a level of fitness that the wellness industry strives for.

By Founder
7 myths related to wellness practices busted

The wellness industry studies define wellness as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. It redefines health as just not merely being a state where there is an absence of disease, but rather lays emphasis on taking provocative measures to enhance the quality of life. In other words it changes the concept of health from survival (which is preventing deficiency), optimal health (which is preventing diseases) to optimal performance (which is the form of best physical, metabolic, physiological performance leading to best possible standard of living). It is a responsibility of every health practitioner to create awareness, educate and deliver results in order to achieve a level of fitness that the wellness industry strives for.

Here are 7 myths related to beauty and wellness:

  • You can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise.
    Though exercise has many health benefits, it’s not a free ticket to indulge in unhealthy food items like processed foods and the type of foods which are high in saturated and transfat.Faulty diet increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and other health problems. However, studies show that a healthy lifestyle constitutes 70% of the diet and 30 % exercise. Therefore eating right along with making healthy food choices is imperative to achieve good health.
  • Coffee leads to weight/fat loss
    Coffee leads to marginal weight/fat loss due to its caffeine content. The caffeine content leads to increase in the metabolic rate. However, caffeine is a stimulant and can get addictive. Hence, its consumption should be minimised.
  • A low body weight is needed to look good and have good health
    No! It is the low body fat percentage and not the low body weight that is needed for good looks and good health! Low body weight is achieved at the cost of losing muscle that results in developing risk of health problems that is completely against any fitness goal.
  • Crunches and sit- ups give a 6 pack!
    A well designed 6 pack is the result of good quality food and quantity control of it. Also, exercise helps to decrease the body fat levels to a point where abdominal muscles are completely visible. No amount of sit-ups will help if the abs are hidden under a layer of body fat!
  • Too much protein causes hair fall
    No, too much protein does not causes hair fall as hair is made of protein. Eating complete lean protein like egg whites, lean chicken and fish, or low fat milk and milk products, prevent deficiency and reduces hair fall.
  • Fasting cleanses your body off toxins
    Fasting leads to starvation and muscle breakdown.It slows down body’s metabolism and then the body stores calories in the form of fat. A well balanced diet with adequate water, sunshine and exercise can keep the body off toxins.
  • Calories eaten at night are more fattening than those eaten early in the day.
    Calories leading to fat gain depend on an individual’s metabolic rate, quality and the portion size of the food eaten. Keeping in mind that generically metabolism slows down by night, one can curtail the caloric consumption. One must choose the right kind of food and quantity of food depending on their body type.

The future of the wellness industry depends on the actions that we take today. Optimal health is known to be a complete balance between cause and effect. What we do today to take care of our bodies ultimately results in the best quality of our lives!

This article has been authored by Karishma Chawla, Founder, Eat Rite 24x7

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