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7 marketing mistake you should always avoid in wellness business

Many brands rely completely on marketing, which according to them will enhance their presence in the market. But in the process there are few frequent mistakes committed. Let's go through some..

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7 marketing mistake you should always avoid in wellness business

The term ‘marketing’ signifies a huge platform that includes almost everything that makes a business successful. From designing a product as per the requirements of the customers to preparing proper channels of distribution, marketing is what keeps the business alive and kicking.

The wellness market is a very sensitive one. It involves many marketing factors that cannot be ignored. Keeping a tap on all the factors can be quite tough. This is why the wellness businessmen often commit common marketing blunders that ruin their efforts. Here are 7 common mistakes that should be avoided.

- Not upgrading the website
The first and foremost thing you need to remember is that your website is the first place where a prospective lead has learned about your products and/or services. It is your website that projects the first sales pitch and encourages a visitor to go for a buying decision. Wellness businesses always need a forward and upgraded website so as to tackle the incoming footsteps. Often, new businesses ignore to invest in an online presence and stay aloof from all the facilities. Finding out resources to organize a proper website is necessary these days.

- Relying on twitter and facebook
There is a wrong notion that tagging the most popular social networking websites will automatically enhance the value of the website. Invading Twitter and Facebook with a business profile can do the trick, but you will surely need a proper landing page when the customers will try to learn more about your products.

Spreading brand awareness via Twitter and Facebook is so overrated these days. It has become really common and you need to go beyond the convention. Opening blog sites and providing useful information that will enhance the brand image in front of your customer will absolutely work. Now is the time to make your website recognizable to the search engines so that they can pop up in the search results.

- Seeking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service
Obviously, this is a very necessary requirement to ponder. A proficient SEO service is what will take your business website to the next level of recognition. The search engines will start locating and showing your website on the top result pages and redirect customers. The mistake, in this case, is when you think that being on the top of the list will bring more customers.

Here, true numbers are needed to check the truth. Just ask yourself a question that whether being on the top position is bringing a high volume of footfall. Learn how much percentage of this footfall volume is being converted to prospective leads and loyal customers.

- Offers and discounts to attract more customers
One of the biggest strategies to attract a lot of customers is to offer discounts and rebates on the items. Catering exclusive offers all the time might ruin the profitability of your business. Before even indulging in giving discounts, try to find out whether the business can run at discounted price or not. You need to make money to thrive, but dropping prices all the time is not the solution.

- One business plan perfect for all
The act of customizing a business plan as per the varieties of your target audience will be the reason for your success. Often, wellness businesses commit a huge mistake by preparing a single product or service plan for all customers. It is similar to having the same answer for all mathematical questions. Try to bring the cultural, ethnical, and traditional differences into account before formulating a product or service plan.

- Differentiating the needs
Do not ignore the fact of differentiating the market segments you want to target. Each segment must have a different target plan to infiltrate. To make your business more effective and target-specific, create a set of strategies for different segments. Avoid being too generic.

- Adapt to the change
As mentioned earlier, the wellness market in India is an ever-evolving one. The only way to survive is via adapting to the changes by initiating new plans and products. Rethink your strategies and marketing activities to make your business compatible with the changes.

In a nutshell
Marketing is not an overnight process to earn success. It is a long process with several crests and troughs. You need to learn from your mistakes and adapt to survive and succeed.

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