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6 organic food trends that will spice up the industry

Noticing the rapid shift of eating habits of consumers from normal food to organic diet, many brands have brought in new ideas to produce organic products. Here are few trends that will be noticed in the organic industry this year.

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6 organic food trends that will spice up the industry

The year 2017 has been the time when plant-based diets have soared to great heights of popularity, the high-fat diets like keto featured mainstream and the boring Buddha bowls have surprised everyone to become a staple option for lunch. But the year, 2018 is showing to be as much promising and exciting as far as trends related to food are concerned.

Just as it seemed that the organic food market cannot grow bigger, it does! According to Forbes, the organic food market has become a whopping $43 billion. The growth rate of the retail sales of organic food at present represents a total of 5.3%.

Here are six of organic food trends to watch out for:

Plant-Based Diet Innovation
The love for plant-based diets does not seem to be falling this year too. With innovation in the vegan food space it is not what it used to be. The plant-based cuisine is gaining popularity over the food choices that are mainstream. Michele Simon, Executive Director, Plant-Based Foods Association, notes that the shelf-space of plant-based product is replacing eggs, meat and dairy produces.

Grass-Fed Meat
Meat lovers are slowly becoming increasingly concerned about where there meat is coming from. This has led to the great increase in the market of grass-fed meat. According to the officials, the sale of the conservative grain-fed beef which has been declining over the years and the sale of grass-fed beef has been growing steadily from $17 million to $272 million within a few years. This would continue in the year 2018 as well with major retailers committing themselves into providing far more grass-fed meat and dairy to the consumers.

Root to Stem
It is the plant-based responses of the nose-to-tail movement to the root-to-stem mentality that would observe people on the lookout out for ways to make use of the whole fruit and vegetables. According to leading officials, the increased popularity of the products has led vendors to store and sale the ‘unattractive’ produce. It is just the one reaction with the increased awareness of food waste. 2018 is going to be a revelation about the tips and tricks of using even the most wasteful produce like onion skins, leafy carrot tops, etc. into a bone broth or a pesto.

The art of intake of the edible flowers is also on the rise. It has already made its presence felt in everything including the coffee, marshmallows and popsicles. The trend has been by the leading websites the food industry noting that in 2018 alone the bright pink hibiscus and citrusy elderflower are going to hog the spotlight. The petals are also going to earn the place of the microgreens in every restaurant as an edible garnish.

Middle Eastern Food
The popularity of the Middle Eastern food is also on the rise. It is likely to be more popular in the year 2018 that it was in the previous one. The rich legume like chickpeas, lentils, fava beans, and healthy spices like antioxidant-rich pomegranate and cumin of the cuisine is taking the cooking world by storm. It is noted that this year spices like cardamom, harissa, etc and condiments like tomato jam and tahini would be taking on a more key position in your kitchen

Delicious Functional Foods
This year would also see the growth in a lot of functional food. Wheat grass would be going main-stream and the cold-pressed juices, adaptogens and ferments would be promoted to be called super food as well in the ever-growing food market. But this year, they are re-packaged into something exciting and it is about how delicious a choice of food they have become. All of the functional foods can be used as a form of tasty supplement form with all the juices, shakes, and powders, having their tasty side played up with amazing health benefits.

With this trend on the roll, it is the best boon for people who do not compromise on the health as well as their taste. 2018 is filled with these options for the health conscious people as well as the foodies, offering something that suits their taste buds.


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