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Wellness blog 2016-05-17

6 lucrative ways to entice your regular customers

Pleasing consumers was never easy. However, in service industry, pleasing price sensitive consumers would be even tougher. Here is how to woo them in 6 easy steps.

6 lucrative ways to entice your regular customers

Sometimes clients are too tough to tackle – just so impossible to flatter and convince to become your client. Here are 6 awesome ways to turn that “nay” client into a ‘yay’ one – reiterated by Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Bharti Taneja. Read on.


You need to imbibe this statement by heart if you want your client to revisit you again and again as well as need to train your reception staff accordingly. They should meet and greet their clients along exhibiting very polite etiquettes and mannerisms. Like, they should always address the client with her name in order to make her feel important and special. This will also give a strong notion that – when their welcome is so specialized – the services will be accustomed according to her taste and need too. Also, make sure the services you recommend is absolutely what she requires – while not trying to force any beauty, make-up or hair service adamantly on her which might not suit her mood, skin, taste or even budget!


Perhaps, you customer would not want to share all her details in the presence of the entire salon! Yes, give her a dose of adequate privacy by taking her in a closed-cabin or spot. For, this make sure to ask your architect to include it while designing your new salon or make a secluded spot as a cabin if you’re already running a parlor. This concealed cabin shall take your customer in her comfort zone – so that she opens about her queries and dilemmas – which will make your suggest just the right service for her. The availability of a skin-expert would be an added perk to thoroughly solve the skin and hair issues of your client; besides giving your salon an edge over the others.


Start you conversation with your client with asking questions that are purely open-ended that involves her to get into a comfort-zone. Questions, like what’s your name, and what’s your skin-problem, will only add to the time she will take to get familiar to you, as well as the salon. Therefore, avoid such questions and ask anything, only after telling about you or your salon to keep the conversation mutual and flowing towards both sides. Like, always tell your name first and then ask hers; or start with crisp briefing about your salon so that she feels like a friend rather than a client. Besides, be a very good listener and analyze her nature during the meet so that she can be treated accordingly during her entire beauty session.


If you listen to your client; then only she will listen to you – happens to be the universal rule of “client-ing”. So, be sure to give enough respect to her opinions and sayings about anything; be it services or in general and then, respond aptly. But before this, try to read her personality type to act and train your service-staff in accordance to that. So, check whether she is an introvert or extrovert – all you need to do is to act in the similar manner to keep her mentally satisfied. For example, a highly talkative person wouldn’t like if your staff performs her services a pin-drop silence ambience! So, it’s important to train your staff accordingly too.


While she gets into her billing cycle – and if you suggested some products to her during her services, ask her if she would like to buy any of those. But be sure to not to force any product deliberately upon her. Instead, advice her if she asks for any suggestions or enquires about what products you have used that have worked magically over her skin to! This will go as a soft-push while not looking a desperate seller. Give her due concession on her services, whether you’ve promised it before or she is asking for it!Also, ask her if she liked her services and take her feedback to know about her mental status more. And, be polite to her until her she leaves to leave a mark on her mind – while the rest would be done by the effects of her services!


In order to stay ahead from the rest, focus more on providing quality in your services as it will be only beneficial to tempt a plethora of clients quicker. For this, make sure you always buy good quality products for your salon so that is has the best effects on your clients. Hire a trained staff which is well-versed with his skills to provide the clients his services in the best possible way. As results and effects in beauty industry count the – delivering great results will only let you attract more clients day by day.

This article has been written by Bharti Taneja, Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, as per her personal experience and research.

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